Shiona Turini Swears: You Can Save Your Hair BEFORE You Sweat

Shiona Turini, fashion editor, Formation stylist and Oh Boy alumni is on a get-fit mission. Want to catch up? Read about how she decided to forget about a “size” and focus on getting strong instead, then try her workout.

It’s acceptable to miss a workout for dinner with friends, for last minute drinks (last minute because it was supposed to rain and suddenly, it’s sunny) or because you’re tired and would rather go home. My trainer does not agree but whatever.

What is not acceptable, at least for me — not now that I’m serious about this — is to miss a workout because of your hair.

My hair is natural, which means it’s not processed. It’s curly when I let it air dry, but I only wear it straight. This means that the tiniest bit of sweat or humidity renders all that hard work with my blowdryer a waste.

So you know how life goes: sometimes you plan to go to the gym after work, then a party comes up that requires your hair to look the way it did when you started your day. You can’t emotionally bear to wash-and-style again, so your hair wins and the gym does not. But like I said — I’m serious about my squats now — I couldn’t miss a workout just to avoid frizz.

What’s funny is that I always thought missing a workout because of my hair was a “black girl thing,” but after complaining to friends, I realized that the struggle is real for ALL women, so I asked four to share their workout hair laments.

Celebrity hairstylist Nikki Nelms troubleshooted, and then — what else? We worked out. Click through the slideshow above to read and see all five (including mine) sweaty hair woes and the subsequent how-to’s.

Check out Shiona’s website and follow her on Instagram @shionat. Follow Bianca on Instagram @BiancaMaxwell and Marie too @marieychoi. Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis.


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