Everyone is Wearing Nightgowns in the Daytime and You Can Too

Rules, schmules. If there’s one thing the Great Eclipse of 2017 confirmed it’s that you can’t let what time of day it is dictate your life. I eat pancakes for dinner and eggs for lunch. I scarf Cinnamon Toast Crunch for dessert and cold pizza for breakfast. They don’t call me the Danger Zone for nothing, or at all, really. But this so-called “they” certainly would if they knew that I’m not only a proponent of pajamas-as-party-wear, I’m straight up stealing Wendy Darling’s nightgowns for my daytime attire.

You can, too. They’re everywhere right now so I see no point in keeping yours confined to the bedroom.

First thing’s first: go for bold

Nightgowns are one giant canvas. They tend to be muted in color, light on the texture and a simple delight when left to their own devices (which you can). But like a way-more-fun version of a plain white tee, the nightgown begs to be blown out of proportion. Add wackadoo sunglasses, kooky necklaces, funky shoes and a totally wild bag. What “sleepover”?

Next thing’s next: go for fancy

This Markarian dress (actual dress, not a nightgown, although it reminds me of Clara’s in The Nutcracker) is a far cry from what I actually sleep in, but if I were Marie Antoinette and had my head on my shoulders, I might. Imagine starting your day at this level of royalty. Once you’ve got the fancy sleeper, tone it down a notch: It’s a perfect way to refresh those backless mules you were just starting to get sick of, plus that fanny pack you bought on a brave whim and have yet to figure out.

Last thing’s last: go for drama

Just because you’re in sleep clothes doesn’t mean you have to dress with an indoor voice. Wake up the neighbor’s baby and wear TWO nightgowns at once. (Here we have Mes Demoiselles sleep slip layered over a Three Graces London nightgown.) Pair it with boots so that you feel equipped to do this daytime dance come fall and for the love of god, add some sunglasses. You look great, but it’s way too early to be awake right now.

Modeled by Olantha Moran of Fenton Models; you can follow her on Instagram @olanthamoran. Photos by Edith Young.

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond is a writer, creative consultant, and Man Repeller alumnus living in New York City.

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