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3 Outfits That Harness the Power of a Whimsical Bag

In partnership with The Volon

Isn’t the great thing about non-occasion dressing that when you are considering the incidents of your everyday and the clothes you wear to fulfill the menial tasks that inevitably come up, there is no real dress code to take into consideration? The margins on what is appropriate are so wide that, arguably, whatever you choose is applicable.

Navigating your accessories makes this exercise all the more dimensional: a tracksuit will only be as informal as the bag you pair with it, a gold lamé gown will only be as dressed up as the sandals you give to it, and if we are talking about a quilted set that features a skirt so huge it needs its own doorway, then the necklace you affix to your chest holds more value than perhaps you’d initially thought it could. The common denominator among all of these looks — which I’ve put together below to accomplish the dressing part involved in the attending of three disparate events — is especially the bag you pair with them.

Why? Because here is what seems like a frivolous cocktail purse — the kind of bag you may not normally consider on a day-to-day basis but can actually find itself quite useful with its deceivingly large size and the gold chain strap that enables its ability to be tied to your person in various hands-free ways. This makes executing against the whims of your aforementioned everyday all the more pleasant. But what to wear to accompany with these whims? So glad you asked.

Layers of Nylon For a Windy Weekend Chock Full of Errands

The Volon bag styled with kule windbreaker, Hanes T-shirt, Isabel Marant pants and Dior clogsThe Volon bag styled with kule windbreaker, Hanes T-shirt, Isabel Marant pants and Dior clogs

Why it is only now occurring to me that the best part of owning windbreaker pants is also getting a windbreaking jacket to wear as a direct rebellion of volatile weather is beyond me, but I’m glad I’m here. On this occasion, which invariably presents itself every weekend, I will ignite the functional TriBeCa mother in me with clogs and ask her to teach the indulgent dresser in me how to make the most of her ball bag. In this instance, she will tie the gold chain around her wrist as if a bracelet and charge forth to the supermarket, ready to navigate a grocery cart with two free hands and use said hands, one connected to an arm furnished with a ball bag, to collect from the aisles of perishable goods ahead of her. As an added bonus, I might also get my dry cleaning and call it a Saturday well spent.

Your Duvet Cover, But As a Top and Skirt Set for, I Don’t Know, Family Dinner?

The Volon bag styled with Cecilie Bahsen set, Chanel boots and Roxanne Assoulin necklaceThe Volon bag styled with Cecilie Bahsen set, Chanel boots and Roxanne Assoulin necklace

I think I’ll definitely wear this to Thanksgiving dinner, if not because I love how I feel in it then definitely because it lends itself to embracing a food coma following the intake of copious nourishment because it is a practically a bed on which to fall, only better and more supportive because it’s also attached to your body. But Thanksgiving is too far down the road to wait to embrace such a method of dressing, so maybe, too, by wearing a bag messenger-style across my comforter and adding combat boots, I can attend an ambitious lunch meeting or dinner party, or simply take myself for a walk against a street with a flower shop on it, enabling the ability to stop, touch and smell the roses with both hands and nostrils. The possibilities! They’re endless.

A Gold Lamé Cocktail Dress, but With Ripped Jeans and Sandals

The Volon bag styled with Maison Margiela dress, Moussy jeans and Trademark sandalsThe Volon bag styled with Maison Margiela dress, Moussy jeans and Trademark sandals

Here’s an example of what you get after committing one of those indulgent, impulse sale purchases. After the fact, you wonder who you were thinking yourself to be when you made said purchase. This gold dress, replete with jewel-encrusted boob cups and a sheer overlay that I have abandoned, all together is possibly the coolest thing I own. But where do I go and what do I do that facilitate the obvious implementation of this dress? Over jeans and cinched at the waist with our star bag, imagined as a fanny pack in this iteration, the world becomes an oyster, with its events as its pearl. I work in a fashion office with loose dress code regulation, so I could wear it to work, use the fanny pack as an office supply container, pulling sticky notes and binder clips and pens from its well. Or to walk around Soho. To meet friends, my parents, to take my kids out with their stroller. It doesn’t matter, which I guess is the thing of it. The margins are wide, and so is the bag. Choose your own adventure.

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Leandra M. Cohen

Leandra M. Cohen is the founder of Man Repeller.

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