How to Turn One T-Shirt Into 6 Different Outfits

…Does anyone else have a supply of “just in case” tees that you can’t seem to part with because WHAT IF (and then the train of thought ends there)? Does that WHAT IF moment never seem to come as often as you find yourself elbow-deep in cotton searching for the one shirt you want to wear? Do you ever tell yourself, “This is ridiculous — all I really need is one tee,” then laugh at such a preposterous idea? If yes, or honestly, even if no, Lili Chemla, designer of the T-shirt line Liana Clothing, is your girl. She made her “The Glitter” tee work for six days, six different ways. See if you can make it all the way to the end without pausing for a round of spring tee cleaning.

Day 1:

t-shirt style-lili chemla-5 ways 5 days-man repeller-8866

Liana Clothing hoodie, vintage skirt — another here, Gucci shoes, Liana clothing socks, Alison Lou necklace

My day-to-night look. A casual skirt with a rhinestone zip seemed appropriate for both. I made sure my pink hoodie matched my socks and the velvet trim around the hood matched my skirt. (I’m probably the only one who notices.)

Day 2:

t-shirt style-lili chemla-5 ways 5 days-man repeller-9012

Adidas pants, Superga shoes, Liana clothing socks, Alison Lou necklace

My weekend look (and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday). Comfort comes first, always, but the glitter tee and glitter socks make it clear that I didn’t just roll out of bed.

Day 3:

t-shirt style-lili chemla-5 ways 5 days-man repeller-8526

Avenue Montaigne pants, Prada coat, Gucci shoes, Le Petit Joueurs bag, Alison Lou rings

It’s rare to find me dressed up, but when I have something to go to, this is what you’ll find me in: an elevated basic tee to make the outfit feel special while also maintaining a level of overall comfort. The Avenue Montaigne stretch pants I’m wearing here are flattering even on my worst days, and my bag and shoes help to make the outfit “pop.”

Day 4:

t-shirt style-lili chemla-5 ways 5 days-man repeller-8790

Vintage Norma Kamali coat — similar here, vintage Chanel denim skirt, Puma shoes, Liana Clothing socks, Oliver Peoples sunglasses, Alison Lou earrings

Here we have another day-to-night look; it’s always easier to have the option due to all the travel time out here. I had drinks after work, so I wanted to wear something that allowed me to go straight out. I threw the jacket on after the office because the temperature drops drastically at night in LA. I liked the shirt tucked in here to show the button details on the skirt. My red socks have silver glitter on top to match the stripe on my shoes; I added Poison Ivy Alison Lou earrings to pull the outfit together.

Day 5:

t-shirt style-lili chemla-5 ways 5 days-man repeller-9121

Liana Clothing hoodie, vintage dress — another here, Juicy shoes, Staud bag

My weekend coffee-run attire. I personally never like the way strapless dresses look on me, so I always put one of my tees underneath. The glitter tee works especially well in the daytime, because then it really shines. I added a velvet hoodie around my waist to serve as a belt until I get cold, and I love my velvet Juicy sneakers. They pair well with all the velvet in my closet.

Day 6:

Levi’s jeans, Puma shoes, Liana Clothing socks, Alison Lou rings

I like to joke that my office has a strictly socks policy, so the slides make it easy for me. I keep this small pouch in my backpack to hold all the important go-to girly things, ya know!?

Check out Liana Clothing and follow on Instagram @lianaclothing. Photos by Charlotte Patterson; follow her on Instagram @chardawg.

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond is a writer, creative consultant, and Man Repeller alumnus living in New York City.

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