4 *New* Ways to Wear Your Old Turtlenecks

I’d be careful what I said about a piece of clothing that could choke you at any minute if I were you, but I get it: turtlenecks get boring really quickly in the winter. What starts out with such fresh styling promise (I am excited to wear a turtleneck come fall) quickly becomes snooze-y and repetitive. By March I don’t want to see another turtleneck so long as I live, but it’s still cold in March so my wardrobe and I remain beholden.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Here’s how we’re not going to get sick of our turtlenecks this winter.

Remember that it’s summer somewhere

 Lisa Marie Fernandez bathing suit top over J.Crew turtleneck, H&M hoop earrings, Freda Banana sunglasses

Turns out that white turtlenecks look great under those off-the-shoulder tops you bought back in June, July and August. Add your brightest pair of sunglasses for any/all outdoor commutes and indoor photoshoots, then throw gold on your lobes for a red carpet party.

Turn your turtleneck into polo-neck 

J.Crew turtleneck, Hermès scarf, Emily Luciano x Bonlook glasses, H&M earrings

This is confusing not in execution, but because turtlenecks are called polo-necks in some parts of the world. Take a pair of scissors to the front and center of an old turtleneck that’s starting to sag. Make one slice that ends at your throat. (You can’t really mess this up. Just don’t go too deep; we’re not making V-necks here.) Let the two halves fold over like a polo and wrap a scarf around your neck, quick!, so that you don’t get cold. Eyeglasses and earrings optional — but in the way that French fries are, you know?

Put more pins on your turtleneck than a punk-rock backpack

Ulla Johnson one-shoulder top over J.Crew turtleneckGeorgia Perry and Marc Jacobs pins, Roxanne Assoulin and H&M earrings

Find a handful of pins you love and scatter them all over the front of your turtleneck. Throw a going-out top on over it for extra layers and interest.

Two important tips: 1) this can be kind of prickly, so wear a lightweight turtleneck underneath the one you pin to protect your skin. If that sounds too hot for your armpits incorporated, cut the neck off an old turtleneck and just wear that as a layer. 2) The weight of the pins will pull the turtleneck down, which drives me crazy. You might need to safety pin or clip the back to keep it up. Or, use a big brooch back there to tighten and pin the excess fabric. Like the polo neck, you can’t mess this up but you may have to fuss with it a bit.

Make it about the sleeves

J.Crew knit turtleneck over Monographie pleated sleeve shirt, Cult Gaia flower crown as choker

J.Crew knit turtleneck over Monographie pleated-sleeve shirt, Cult Gaia flower crown as choker

Find a fan-sleeved shirt on sale (there are so many) and wear it underneath a slightly larger turtleneck. Scrunch the turtleneck sleeves up and let the fans underneath spread their wings. I put a flower crown on our model Sydney’s neck because they got a bad rep after their Coachella proliferation and I believe they deserve a second chance.

Just like your old but no longer boring turtlenecks.

Modeled by Sydney Walsh; follow her on Instagram @sydwilkenwalsh. Styled by Amelia Diamond. Photos by Krista Anna Lewis.

You know who loves turtlenecks? Diane Keaton. Remember that time Haley tried to dress like her?

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond is a writer, creative consultant, and Man Repeller alumnus living in New York City.

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