In partnership with Crocs

What If Crocs Were The New White Sneaker?

In partnership with Crocs.

There is so much to love about a chunky white sneaker. It’s practical, it’s comfortable, it’s refreshingly plain, willing and able to give the stage to that which adorns the parts of your body that aren’t feet. But isn’t it also true that the reasons we were initially compelled to pair them with office and evening-wear — the novelty and unpredictability of a chunky rubber soul forced out of its intended context — are disproven by the very ubiquity they inspired? Now they’re predictable and everywhere and we’ve talked about this before. The sparkle became a little dull to those of us who are more inspired by the different and the new than that which is tried and true. We’re suffering a sneaker-shaped hole to the heart.

But! Provocation: could such a hole be filled by Crocs?

It’s not that shuffling, Crocs-first, straight out of the garden and into the streets has never been done before. It’s that Crocs still, after all this time, maintain a reputation of Unpredictable Footwear. Or maybe Insane Footwear. Frankly, both are equally compelling. Don’t they kind of remind you of chunky white sneakers but with the added benefit of ventilation, prevailing shock value and serious puddle jump-ability? Admit it: the combination of comfy and unpredictable-in-every-context-but-one is intoxicating. It’s not like we’re new to it.

We tested this theory by styling Crocs into three vastly different environments and they’re kind of doing it for us. Evidence below.

Test #1: Crocs for after-work errands.

If you poke your legs through a pair of cropped skinny pants and throw a tidy dress on top, you’re effectively transforming your lower body into visual arrows. The laws of physics will demand those in your vicinity follow the line from knee to foot to the surprise waiting at the bottom: fresh white Crocs. And what’s better than surprising people? You’re a walking gift.

Test #2: Crocs for afternoon cocktails.

Pair them with a sequin mini dress and lacy socks so as to communicate the duality of your spirit: glamour and comfort. Glamfort, if you will. Crazy cat eyes and striped layers over and under will only push the glamfort narrative further and make everyone want to change into what you’re wearing, immediately.

Test #3: Crocs for weekend breakfasts.

Crocs and athleisure to breakfast is less of a leap, which sounds boring, so you should probably add a colorful printed trench and scarf to keep people guessing. Will you go lie in a park afterward? Go for a jog? Carry out a spy investigation? And don’t worry if it’s a little chilly; camp socks in your crocs will keep your feet and heart warm.

Thank you to La Esquina NYC, Caffe Roma and Di Palo’s for their hospitality. Another big thanks to our lovely models Holly Burt @hollyburt, Yoa Mizuno @yoa_mizuno, and Adreena Thompson @adreenathompson. Photographed by Simon Chetrit; follow him on Instagram @simonzchetrit. Styled by Leandra Medine with market assistance from Elizabeth Tamkin.



Haley Nahman

Haley Nahman

Haley Nahman is the Features Director at Man Repeller.

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