3 Ways to Tie a Scarf in Your Hair With Christina J. Wang

Consider this: scarves are large silky opportunities to wrap our bodies in art in as many ways as our imaginations will allow. Our noggins, especially! Christina J. Wang knows this. It’s why she started turning her art into scarves and why she’s the pied piper of printed fabric head and hair decor.

Her company, CJW, is “inspired by art, popular culture, bright colors, classic glamour, international travels and everyday comforts; the collection is a whimsical zeitgeist.” Her scarves-or-are-they-art can be drooled over here, here, here, herehere and I just burned like 400 calories resisting linking more because they’re just that good. Also, she models them on her dog. (Did I just bury the lead?)

Read on to learn more about her and get a breakdown of her four favorite ways to wear her art in her hair.

Where are you from and where are you based?

I am originally from Hong Kong, now based in New York City!

When did you launch CJW? Why scarves?

We launched about a year and a half ago. I am formally trained as a painter, but painting by myself in my Bushwick studio with my chocolate lab, Phineas, all day was getting a little lonely. When I came up with the idea of creating scarves printed with my art and started researching about materials, packaging and design, it slowly took on a life of its own.

I chose scarves as a medium because they’re an accessory that I have a very defined opinion on. I also chose scarves for practical reasons, because scarves do not have sizing, trims or fit issues! Today my scarves come from a similar place of inspiration as my paintings, but the aesthetic qualities have become quite different. I think they are more immediate and whimsical.

What gave you the idea to make the food scarves we love so much?

My prints are a collection of things I love and can’t stop thinking about. They say a man thinks about sex x times a day, well…I probably think about Breads Bakery Chocolate Nutella Babka about twice as frequently. So, food is an obvious muse to my drawings, but I also love to design around travel, fashion, culture and beauty.

Most importantly, where can people buy them!?

Many of our retailers are currently sold out (which is a good thing!), but you can always purchase through our site or

Okay, now teach us your masterful scarf-tying ways. How did you do these looks on Harling

The Turban


Solid and Striped shirt

1. Fold the giant scarf diagonally.
2. Place the middle of the folded edge against your forehead.
3. Grab the two scarf ends and pull toward the back of your head.
3.5. Make sure to grab all loose pieces and pull forward to the front of your head!
4. Twist the two ends, pull them toward the back of your head again and knot them.
5. Tuck and fluff stray bit of scarf for optimal turban shape.

The Folded Bow


Pepa Pombo top

1. Fold the mini scarf diagonally.
2. Roll up scarf into a thin strip starting from the raw edge corner.
3. Place the middle of the thin scarf strip on the back of you head.
4. Pull the two ends forward and tie into a bow on the top or off the side of your head.
5. Tuck and fluff bow to optimal bow size and shape.

The Hat Scarf


Free People top, Man Repeller cap

1. Find a cool baseball cap (or actually, a super ugly cap since we are covering it up)
and put it on.
2. Fold the mini scarf diagonally.
3. Place the middle of the folded side on the front of the baseball cap.
4. Pull back the two scarf ends towards the back of the baseball cap and knot the two scarf ends into a bow or bow-ish-like knot.

The Cozy Top Knot


Lisa Marie Fernandez swimsuit top

1. Tie your hair up into a top knot.
2. Fold the mini scarf diagonally.
3. Roll up the scarf into a thin strip starting from the raw edge corner.
4. Wrap around the base of the top knot, but leaving enough scarf to tie a bow facing the font or tuck in scarf ends without a bow.

Shop CJW scarves here and follow the brand on Instagram @shopcjw; photographs and gifs by Krista Anna Lewis, styled by Elizabeth Tamkin.


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