Three Ways to Wear a Denim Mini Skirt

Last summer, Amelia predicted that Abercrombie & Fitch may very well be the comeback kid of late 2015. If you had asked me then whether I foresaw denim mini skirts once again becoming a mainstay within my own closet (you know, for the posterity of A&F’s sake), I’d have definitely said no with the kind of a conviction a Crocs wearer shuns high heels.

Fast forward, however, to the Vetements revolution and couple said revolution with manifold question marks around the brand’s impetus, then a sort of answer that is tethered to their responding and reacting as opposed to blindly prescribing as a means to create and here we are! Observing personal style (which, really, is quite public these days) as a third party redefines what it means to wear a mini skirt with social media as its megaphone.

Of course, with this megaphone often comes unilateral interest. So ask me again if I see mini skirts becoming a mainstay within my own closet. I’ll deliver the following — three ways to wear one through the early days of fall.

1. Like Doris Day meets Judy Jetson and with a Pair of Gucci Loafers


Re/Done skirt, Miu Miu sweater and shirt, Adam Selman x Le Specs glasses, Falke socks, Gucci loafers

Here we have the denim mini skirt accented by two separate layers of lace collars, one of which is attached to a denim shirt, the other to a purple sweater. The lenses on the futuristic glasses bounce off the sweater and pose the question: am I human, or am I cyborg? The socks and loafers respond with another question, this one more illustrative:


It’s ultimately confusing, but at least you look cool.

Moving on!

2. Like You’re Not Sure What to Wear to Inaugurate Fashion Week


Walk of Shame slip dress, Isabel Marant trench coatCéline sandals

Look, neither do I, but a slip dress worn under a mini skirt wherein the mini skirt actually functions as an unnecessary layer as opposed to A Thing that Covers Your Hoo-Ha seems like not such a bad idea, particularly when you can get your hands on a cotton jacket rendered in that wax-y finish. Meet you at Prabal? Xo!

3. Like You Stole Keanu Reeves Glasses from the Set of The Matrix, But Discarded Everything Else in Favor of Red Socks


Maison Margiela top, Falke socks, Alberta Ferretti pumps, Sarah’s Bag bag, Morgenthal Frederics sunglasses

In case it wasn’t clear: I was kidding when I asked you to meet me at Prabal and then garnished the request with a hug and kiss. Not because I don’t want to hang out but because that feels like the equivalent of an air kiss, which is so…I don’t know, meditated. But I digress. Here’s my favorite look from the loot. Perfect for a black tie wedding at the Plaza if said black tie wedding is actually just a dinner reservation with your girlfriends and the Plaza is a restaurant in a hip new neighborhood west of Nolita, but east of the Meatpacking District. North vs. South coordinates not specified because said coordinates extend from New Albany, Ohio (where A&F is headquartered) to Georgia (the country, where the Vetements designer and chief executive are from).

Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis.


Leandra M. Cohen

Leandra M. Cohen is the founder of Man Repeller.

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