How to Wear a Sarong in the City

The beach is a state of mind.

I stand by this proclamation with the conviction of a murderer who has just pled guilty.

An easy way to actualize this state of mind is by assuming the supplies you need for the beach (straw bags, light reads, a cooler) as supplies you’ll take off the beach. I know this to be true because I spent last weekend practicing this sort of mantra in the especially toasty heat radiating from the concrete sidewalks of Manhattan. There was no meditation, or questions about mindfulness. It was simply a matter of wearing a sarong. Indeed, that’s all I did — wear what is reserved for the beach miles away from the closest beach and here’s what it looked like.



Hermès scarf, A.L.C. jacket, Nasty Gal tank, Liudmila sandals, Mercedes Salazar earrings

Go big or go home, right? Once the work day ended, I hauled ass back to my place of residence and resolved that whatever I did that night, wherever I went, I’d be the girl — a sort of mermaid with feet covered in feathers — not just in the sarong, but dressed like she was styled by a 4-year-old artistic director. I ended up staying home.

Saturday night:


Hermès scarf, Aurelie Bidermann necklace and earrings

Here’s a fun one! By folding that little fucker (your sarong, I mean) into an oversize strand of fabric, you can wrap it around your shoulders like it’s a shawl, then cross is over your boobs, like it’s a set of hands covering your nipples. Once you’ve done that, you’ll tie it from behind, feel really excited about how crafty you are and then realize you have little mobility in your upper arms, so make sure you have a friend nearby to help you loop some turquoise through your lobes.



Hermès scarf, Ganni jacket, Isabel Marant Étoile shorts, Peter Pilotto slides

I’ve renounced pants for the sake of Fridays, which now bleed into Sundays and can account for the sarong worn as a top-with-a-tail under this quilted orange jacket and knit “shorts”, if you’re comfortable calling them that. It’s a perfect, “Oh, this old thing? I’m just getting groceries, then probably heading home to my portable ocean a.k.a bathtub, but if you want to hang out later, I’ve got a pound of sand in my bag!” look.

You know?

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Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis.


Leandra M. Cohen

Leandra M. Cohen is the founder of Man Repeller.

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