3 Ways to Wear Your Favorite Striped Sweater

What’s in a sweater? Every fall, I get so excited to wear them. I imagine myself drinking a maple spice latte or whatever the comforting beverage du jour is while tugging at the sleeves of said sweater and nod at falling leaves, thinking to myself: Ah, renewal! The beginning of a new season! The sweater plays a crucial supporting role in this feeling of rebirth, but by the time winter comes around, which it always does, I remember that I hate sweaters, and when I plainly pair them with jeans, I feel so…unremarkable. And maybe I am unremarkable, but at least my clothes should trick me into believing otherwise! When I try to do that (you know, believe otherwise), and pair chunky sweaters with skirts and sequins and dresses and dramatic pants, I remember the impossibility with which they shove themselves into small spaces, turning me, the wearer, into an abominable snowman of sorts.

By the end of the season, every year, I think I have finally cracked the code on wearing sweaters, but the next fall season comes around and the trendy drink finds my fingertips and I think I’m excited to be wearing a sweater until bam, I hate them again. To train me away from this absurd hamster spiral, Laure Hériard Dubreuil, owner of the insanely fancy and super kül concept store, The Webster, is showing me how she wears her favorite sweater — a striped cashmere number from the brand Barrie. Here’s a fun fact about Barrie: it is owned by Chanel and is actually part of the reason that the brand showed their Pre-Fall collection in Edinburgh, where the cashmere company originated, in 2012. But I digress, back to THE SWEATER!

Laure, tell me how to feel better about myself in knitwear, would you?

Look No. 1: The Not-so-Dreaded Sweater and Jeans

“As an unconditional stripes lover, I find this sweater is so easy to style. It can add some ‘Frenchness’ to any look, [spoiler: She is French, which it makes it appropriate to say such a thing], and the sleeve on this particular piece from Barrie is so special. It’s seasonless. For this look, I wanted to be comfortable. I chose a look that would work from day to night because usually I don’t have much time to change in-between. Jeans and sneakers are one of my go-to looks when I wear statement tops such as this one.”

Look No. 2: Blazers and Skirts and Heels, Oh My!

(As you can see, I am still not over our gift guide as evidenced by the equal parts corny and cliché Wizard of Oz reference above. But here’s what Laure has to say:) “This kind of outfit is perfect when I have to do something a bit more formal, maybe a busy day of meetings, or a lunch engagement; I feel so lucky that I am able to meet and work with such creative talent being in retail but the schedule can get crazy.”

Look No. 3: Another Skirt, Plus Almost-Flats

“This look is for everywhere. Pairing my knits with skirts and flats is a signature choice of mine. You can spot me in this outfit during NYFW or perhaps attending an art opening.”

An art opening! Fancy. I, for one, will be leaf-watching on the corner of Mott Street, but at least I’ll feel cool in my sweater.

Photos by Edith Young. 

Leandra M. Cohen

Leandra M. Cohen is the founder of Man Repeller.

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