Forget Everything You Thought You Knew About Boho

We all peak. One of my peaks was in 2015 when I wrote a short fashion-history lesson on what “bohemian” actually means (the word comes from Bohemia, a region of the Czech Republic bordered by Germany to the west and northwest, Poland to the northeast, the historical region of Moravia to the east, and Austria to the south), followed by a party in the comments section with two of the greatest songs known to long car rides and karaoke with your friends possibly ever:

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

The folk-embroidered, silk-road-hat-tipping “boho” trend resurfaced its needlepoint around 2015 and now, it’s everywhere. You and I both know that when a trend emerges, there’s a subsequent, fast decline in terms of it feeling special and unique. So what’s next right now? How do you capture the spirit without looking like everyone else on Instagram?

Try this.

1. Wear a floral muumuu…but!

Layer a bandeau, crop top or swimsuit over it to “create shape,” then tie a striped shirt around your waist to make it strange.

2. Wear an ankle-length wrap dress…but!

Keep it open, add pants, clash prints and choose almost any shoes that aren’t wrap-around-the-ankle sandals (too literal) or combat boots (too Coachella). Or do because who cares and truly, what the hell do I know? Pinch my shin if you must and carry on.

3. Wear a tiered maxi skirt covered in wildflowers…but!

Add a shirt that looks like you borrowed it from a little boy, shoes that look like you borrowed them from a fancy pilgrim and a useless-but-cool belt around your hips that looks like you borrowed it from a hardware store.

4. Or…

Wear a barely there homage to the hippie, boho, all’s-chill child by way of a patterned skirt and a “nice shirt” that you could probably also wear to work. Add funglasses and multi-colored heels for no other reason than these things feel like the perfect accessories should you find yourself with a mic in hand this weekend singing “La Vie Boheme.”

Modeled by Gigi Jeon of Silent Models NY. Follow Gigi and Silent Models on Instagram @gigijeon and @silentmodelsNY. Photos by Edith Young.

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond is a writer, creative consultant, and Man Repeller alumnus living in New York City.

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