What You Want to Wear: Khakis and a White Shirt

Three things.

1. I recently realized that my continuous pursuit of a uniform that will stick is not at all the fault of fashion fatigue so much as it is a function of growing up, or being in the process of growing up — and as a result of that, thinking to myself: I have so many decisions to make everyday (including should I or should I not eat a cupcake for breakfast?); should what I wear really be one of them? I just want to trust myself/style and know that I’ll feel good about that trust every time I catch my reflection.

2. Summer is proving itself as the unsung hero of important-decision-making vis-a-vis what you put on your person. How? Because you’re in a different form of survival mode. Instead of covering it all up like you are an onion and the world is a vegetable knife out to cut you, you peel it all away, thinking of nothing more, nothing less than how you perceive the intersection of style and comfort to look.

3. This is not entirely unique. Just last week I overheard an editor and a designer explaining that when it comes to getting dressed (as opposed to designing and styling and manufacturing its fanfare), all any woman really wants — even if she doesn’t know it — is the unofficial uniform of retired gym teachers and on-duty soccer moms alike: a white shirt and khakis.

That might sound unlikely, and the sentiment may not resonate at all with you, but please, allow me the chance to change your mind with this: A Day in The Life of Khakis and Whites.



Hi! Hello! Welcome to my fupa! I am so tired and it is so morning that my eyes are still closed. As you can see I have not yet retired my sneakers from their tennis game and there is a micro-briefcase in my hand, primed not for work, not not for work. These khakis, from The Reformation, slightly resemble a pair of jodhpurs but also a pair of leggings and most creatively, a European excuse for fitness wear (I know you know what I mean). I’m not sure what better says, “I love pants that match my skin.” Maybe you do.

Everlane shirt, Reformation pants, Superga sneakers, Fendi sunglasses



If you have a meeting, I have a dressing solution in the form of pants that are also a skirt and a t-shirt you steal from a bin of male laundry that will invariably require transportation to and from meeting point c/o footwear. Scared of skin cancer? Who’s not. Call your local milliner.

Save Khaki t-shirt, Rosie Assoulin pants (they are 50% [email protected][email protected]!), Charlotte Olympia heels, Janessa Leone hat



Fuq yo’ shirt! Wear a bathing suit. And then also consider pale pink satin and khaki as the next best color and fabric combination of all time. The brocade gold jacket is totally optional but only, you know, in the same way that breathing is.

Rachel Comey khakis, Kiini bikini top, Louis Vuitton pumps

Now, are you WITH or AGAINST me? LMK.

Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis


Leandra M. Cohen

Leandra M. Cohen is the founder of Man Repeller.

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