Neon is Coming Back (Don’t Hate Me, I’m Just the Messenger)

I think neon is coming back. Back from where? I’m not sure, but I walked into the Céline store a couple of weeks ago, which is always where I go when I’m curious about what will be trending in the next 24 months, and there I saw a ribbed T-shirt, dangling from a hanger and beaming light into my face through its particular hue of fluorescent yellow. It stuck out like a sore thumb among the strong, if not quiet, shades of pink and purple and blue that surrounded it. In that moment, I knew. Neon is coming back.

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Then, as I was researching outfit ideas like the true investigative journalist that I am, I saw Ece Sukan, a Turkish fashion person, wearing a pink, orange and blue windbreaker and thought to myself, “that’s good.” It is ironic that she’s Turkish because it seems like she understands sportswear — a founding principle of American fashion — better than almost anyone, especially myself who recently wore oatmeal color leggings with sock boots.

Anyway, the whole thing ignited a search for neon windbreakers, which is when I fell in love with everything about this, but I digress.

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There were also two very strong cases for leopard, which you can take or leave at your discretion. One came in the form of a nylon, ankle-length trench styled over a red hoodie.

Then there was Tamu McPherson with her cherry kitten heels and tube socks — very good — who hit two trends that might be on the up and up, too. The first being skirt suits, the second being waist belts.

tan outfit-milan fashoin week-street style-man repeller

If I had to guess, the best way to reconcile skirt suits if you’re itching for one is to ask your female friend who works in finance or, conversely, your mother who lived through the ’90s as an adult female, if you could borrow one from them. Per the shoes and socks, easy to approximate at home, and effectively suitable to be paired with anything including, but not limited to, fabric garbage bags.

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Leandra M. Cohen

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