My Favorite Swimsuits Under $50 and How I’d Style Them

In My Cart swim suits under $50

You may be able to get away with wearing old-ass underwear with a hole or two, but swimsuits are a different story in that when they show their age, they also tend to show your private parts. So if you’re due for a refresh but don’t want to break the bank, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite aquatic attire under $50 (paired with equally affordable accessories to take your beach outfits from water to land and maybe back again depending on how pruney your fingers get). Here’s to making a splash (sorry — had to) in outfits worthy of the slipperiest slip-n-slide.

A Waterproof Sunbeam

This first suit is $29.97. I repeat: $29.97!! I actually went to Hollister to make sure it looked as good in person as it does on the website and I can assure you it does. I love yellow for summer because it makes everyone look like a human sunbeam. Building off the yellow theme, I added yellow star lobe-hangers, but silver earrings would look great with this outfit, too. My final (suggested) touches are a humongous hat — because Harling says so — and sunglasses with lenses that match the color of these $59.95 slides.

A Waterproof Picnic

Outfit two might be my favorite because the suit resembles a picnic blanket. I’ve paired it with a white linen shirt (to help protect you from UV rays), dramatic cat-eye sunglasses and some mod bangles so your arms can party. If wearing this swimsuit makes you hungry for picnic food I highly recommend accessorizing with a bologna sandwich and lemonade.

A Waterproof Cartwheel Facilitator

Outfit three features a cool ribbed suit in a shade that fittingly hovers between seafoam and pool. The sporty top is perfect for impromptu cartwheels on the sand if that’s your jam. In terms of accessories, I personally endorse the addition of a red lip and some dainty shell earrings because there’s no such thing as too much contrast when it comes to swim-fits. Don’t forget a beach bag to hold your sunscreen and maybe a pair of water wings if you’re feeling dangerous.

Please share your own swimwear recommendations in the comments. I’ll read them while sipping an Aperol Spritz at the nearest beach, mental or otherwise.

Collages by Madeline Montoya.

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