3 Blazer Identities I’m Considering for Fall

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I’ve experienced a rather illustrious style journey when it comes to blazers. Beginning at the bright-eyed, bushy-tailed age of seven (a.k.a. when I looked like a miniature Whoopi Goldberg), I was frequently decked to the nines in ribbed sweaters and velvet blazers adorned with brooches of my own choosing. Later, when I started attending a preparatory high school with a uniform, I began to see blazers more as a means of sartorial restriction instead of a viable option for stylistic expression. By the time I was in college, though, I was able to overcome this bias, finding it liberating to pair unbuttoned, oversized blazers with corsets or bodysuits for a night out.

Nowadays I tend to throw a blazer over a T-shirt and jeans without much thought. And while I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, given my history as a self-proclaimed blazer chameleon, I’d say I’m due for a transformation. Blazer season, after all, is upon us. Keep scrolling if you’re curious about the new blazer identities I’m considering. Perhaps you’ll even find one for yourself.


This look was undoubtedly inspired by my newfound infatuation with blues of the sky, baby and periwinkle varieties — but also, my dream of looking polished enough for a board meeting while simultaneously feeling cozy enough to indulge in a long nap. This corduroy blazer satisfies all of the above. I decided to add a sweater and dad sneakers to maximize comfiness, plus flare pants with an elastic waistband for good measure. To top things off, I’ve deployed my tried-and-true accessory roster: skinny shades, a mini bag and a singular piece of statement jewelry.


In my mind, black blazers are the textbook example of a wardrobe staple, which is perhaps why find them less than inspiring. Since I’m not one to shy away from a challenge, though, I attempted to recalibrate my thinking by styling a non-boring metaphorical outfit with one. I immediately gravitated to neon accessories because they exude frivolity and thus counteract any remnants of hyper-practicality. To finish things off, I thought this graphic dress would be the ideal addition, bridging the gap between aesthetically pleasing and pragmatic.


I’m quite fond of wearing a blazer as a top because of the sensual sliver of décolletage its neckline permits. I’m equally fond of pairing a midi skirt with a pair of tall boots, thus concealing my legs completely. I decided to embrace the spirit of Doublemint Gum and double my pleasure by marrying both of these proclivities. Due to the combination of earthy tones and sumptuous fabrics (read: satin, wool and butter leather), I imagine this look would make me feel like an eccentric professor of environmental science, and I couldn’t be more thrilled about that.

Which blazer identity has your vote? I’ll be waiting patiently in the comments below.

Collages by Louisiana Mei Gelpi.

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