4 Spring Outfit Ideas Featuring Size-Inclusive Brands

I know how frustrating it can be to fall in love with a garment you see in a fashion editorial or on Instagram, only to realize it’s not carried in your size. Since I work tangentially to the fashion industry as the visual manager for Man Repeller, I’ve been struggling with that for years now.

I’m still waiting for the industry to fully catch up to the women it’s selling to, but a size-inclusive renaissance is brewing, with brands finally taking notice that women above a size 12 want to wear cool clothes, too. It seems to be happening more so among larger brands for which the cost of introducing a size-inclusive line is more easily absorbed, but I’m always excited to see independent brands taking up the mantle in this space as well. Some great new brands have surfaced recently that aren’t just checking the size-inclusive box, but actually reshaping it.

I’ve styled four outfits below to illustrate how you can mix and match the big brands with the small ones, the investment-worthy ones with the budget-friendly ones. For women like me, putting together fun, interesting and expressive outfits is still a challenge in need of an industry-wide reckoning, but I’m happy to see it improving every day. Scroll down to see what I’ve put together and then meet me in the comments!

Outfit #1: Leandra Running Errands on a Rainy Day

I can’t think of anyone who has mastered the look of activewear + a great striped shirt more than our very own Leandra Medine Cohen. Girlfriend Collective has sizes that go all the way up to XXXL and provide a rainbow of colors to choose from. Another tip: Katie Sturino has been doing this cool thing where she buys Kule Stripes shirts in men’s XL, which I plan to start doing, too. (For fans of Everlane’s aesthetic: their men’s line goes up to size XXL.) And finally, I will never stop trying to make the case for leopard as a neutral.

Outfit #2: The Millennial Classic

It took me almost a whole year to find cropped wide-leg white denim pants in my size, but when Warp + Weft launched a line that included extended sizes, I finally got a pair. The blazer-over-graphic-T-with-wide-leg-pants look has been popular for awhile now — but it’s a classic I have yet to grow tired of. It feels effortlessly cool without being uncomfortable or try-hard. I love that Rodarte carries T-shirts and sweatshirts in XXL. Alternatively, the T-shirt could easily be swapped out for a tunic like this one from the cool new minimalist brand And Comfort!

Outfit #3: French Provincial Beach Muse

Jacquemus won over my heart when I saw his Spring 2017 Ready to Wear Collection, which reminded me of that opening “Belle” number from Disney’s 1991 Beauty and the Beast. The Gap has had a lot of good pieces lately that channel said provincial vibe. Hackwith Design House is another noteworthy place to check out sustainable, quality, size-inclusive clothing that provides a cotton/linen-esque dreamy summer feel.

Outfit #4: Roberta From Now and Then, but in 2018

Roberta from Now and Then is super fucking cool, and I have always admired her fearless IDGAF attitude. A few seasons ago, J.Crew created a very similar striped shirt to what she wears in the scene where they play baseball. I never bought it. Luckily, Madewell launched a similar pajama top this season and, surprise, it’s available in XXL!

Luckily most accessories don’t have size limitations, so in this department, go rogue: beaded fruit bags, pearl earrings, pvc hats, cat-eye sunglasses and gigantic straw hats. Same for shoes: I specifically included shoe options that are available in large and wide sizes because I struggle with that, but if you don’t, go HAM.

I hope this was helpful as you embark on your spring shopping. If you’d like to see more size-inclusive shopping posts in the future, let me know what you’re interested in seeing. In the meantime, share your favorite brands or items in the comments below!

Collages by Louisiana Mei Gelpi.

Emily Zirimis

Emily Zirimis is the Visual Manager at Man Repeller

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