Mini Skirts Under $100 to Wear With Tights All Winter

Hello! Guten tag! Greetings! It’s time for another round of Elizabeth Tamkin making budget-friendly clothes look stylistically luxe and yours truly on the words beat observing with rapt attention, a recurring series I hope you are enjoying because my eyeballs and fingers and heartstrings surely are.

Today’s challenge: mini skirts under $100.

I know what you’re thinking. Mini skirts? Mid-November? Why, gentle brethren! Let us enjoy the unseasonably mild weather we’ve been experiencing on and off while it lasts and give our kneecaps one final hurrah, shall we? (Furthermore, the following outfits-worth-stealing are perfectly compatible with fleece-lined tights come permanent winter.)

Outfit #1

In addition to channeling Miu Miu’s quilted mini skirts from Fall/Winter 2014-2015, this puffy gem from Amazon also probably doubles as a sleeping bag for your quadriceps. I’m into it. I’m also into Elizabeth’s styling tips, which include balancing out the mini-ness of the skirt with an extra-long trench and platform loafers.

Outfit #2

A similar proportions tactic was employed for the second outfit, wherein Elizabeth played with volume on the upper half with a pajama shirt and juicy argyle sweater. I’m picking up some Blair Waldorf vibes courtesy of the pearl necklace doubling as a headband, no doubt inspired by Amelia’s recent homage.

Outfit #3

Last but not least, a skirt suit for the books paired with a T-shirt and men’s button-down to make it a little less stuffy, plus hoops and the coolest boots since sliced pastrami.

Have I mentioned all these skirts cost less than a Benjamin?????? Probably! But it’s worth repeating!

Now meet me in the comments and weigh in on any or all of the following queries:

1. How are you wearing mini skirts this fall?

2. Are there any particular ones hanging out in your online shopping cart?

3. What other budget-friendly style stories do you want to see on Man Repeller?

4. What should I eat for lunch?


Styled by Elizabeth Tamkin, Photos by Edith Young, Modeled by Jiyoung Chang at Fenton Models; you can follow her on Instagram @iloverockstar02.

Harling Ross

Harling is a writer and was most recently the Brand Director at Man Repeller.

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