Timothée Chalamet Got a Bowl Cut (And Other Things I Discovered on Instagram This Weekend)

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It’s Monday!!!!!! Which is, in my opinion, actually one of the most invigorating days of the week. I know that might be controversial, but let me ease you into the thought with a soft scoop of mint chocolate chip-tasting lessons I learned from Instagram over the past 72 hours or so. I personally guarantee that after reading the below news items, you’ll be feeling much more buoyed with joy and enthusiasm for the possibilities held by the week ahead. If you don’t, I’ll give you your money back plus a coupon for free digital winks, so go forth and scroll with abandon.

1. Meghan Markle Makes History (Again)


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Meghan Markle is officially British Vogue‘s first-ever guest editor in the magazine’s 103-year history! Markle is not featured on the cover herself (she said doing so would have been “boastful”), instead choosing to highlight a number of “changemakers” who inspire her, from Laverne Cox to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Their faces, along with those of 13 other women, will be laid out in a grid on the issue’s cover. There is a 16th box empty on the cover which will be printed in reflective material like a mirror. It’s meant to represent that anyone reading the magazine can also be a force for change, with the added (albeit likely unintended) bonus purpose of helping you check your teeth for kale on the subway.

2. Lizzo’s Tiny Desk Concert Is Worth a Lunch Break Listen


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“No one else has ever walked into their Tiny Desk Concert and turned just three songs into a sermon, a word, a masterpiece until Lizzo,” writes Vulture of Lizzo’s now-viral Tiny Desk performance on NPR. After lovingly mocking the “tiny-ass desk” at which she stood and requesting a heartfelt “amen!” from the audience, Lizzo launched into her performance, accompanied by a three-piece band. Though the singer is (rightfully) famous for her incredible choreography and elaborate stages, it was a real treat to reacquaint myself with her goosebump-giving vocal talents.

3. Timothée Chalamet Has a Bowl Cut


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Timothée Chalamet, the man whose stallion-esque swoop of hair spawned an endless stream of internet crushes, has recently found himself the victim of a bowl cut. The new hairstyle is for a character he is playing on Netflix’s upcoming movie The King, a period piece drama in which Chalamet stars as Henry V. Opinions on the dramatic change are, understandably, divided. While some find it sensual, others are comparing it to Claire’s haircut in Season 2 of Fleabag. 

4. Amy Schumer Is Returning to TV

Hulu inked a deal with Amy Schumer for a new comedy series called “Love, Beth,” which will consist of 10 half-hour episodes. There aren’t many details out yet about the show, but it’s been reported that Schumer will star and executive produce. Her Instagram slideshow announcing the deal is no more enlightening, but I’ll give it credit for sufficiently whetting my appetite based purely on the magic sauce that is confusion and intrigue.

5. Natasha Lyonne Proved That Cream Might Actually Be the New Black


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Natasha Lyonne wore a matching cream-colored shirt, tie, jacket, and pleated skirt from Gucci at the final Orange Is the New Black premiere. The look is straight off the runway from Gucci’s Fall 2019 show. Do I wish she’d included the gold ear pieces and lacy white tights? Naturally. But she made up for it with chunky rings and an irreverently popped collar. A #stickofbutter win for the ages, truly.

What did you learn on Instagram this week? I can’t wait to absorb your knowledge like a sentient Internet sponge.

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