Tapping, Not Scrolling: Your Monday Instagram News Digest

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Happy Monday my sweet sun-soaked petunias! I hope your July weekend was filled with a variety of fresh fruit and unconventional ways to stay cool (like Harling’s hack of putting pajamas in the freezer before bed). Alternatively, I hope you put your feet in some grass.

As for me, I went to the beach, burned (badly), and disconnected for the first time all summer. Of course, as Man Repeller’s social media manager for whom Instagram is a morning alarm and a bedtime routine, my definition of disconnecting may be different than yours. Because I still found time for a poolside Instagram dive, it just wasn’t, well, work-focused. And, wow, so fruitful. Here are a few things that elicited thoughtful taps instead of idle scrolls in my algorithm:

1. Welcome to Slime Town

Tapping through friend and contributor Ansley Morgan’s Instagram stories, I stopped dead on this tableau of snails on a date, which prompted me into a scroll-hole of @aleia, account of the artist and photog Aleia Murawski, who creates tiny worlds occupied by snails, like this honeymoon suite with waffle beds, a naughty night in the making, and this, which I couldn’t add to my saved folder fast enough.

2. Avant-Garde Bridal: The Best Thing Since Sliced (Grain-Free) Bread

From Eva Chen’s recent IG stories as acting judge of the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund, I stopped on an image of Danielle Frankel Studio’s avant-garde wedding designs which led me here and here (!!!) and here. Cool bridal is it. If I ever do get married, or if I get around to the blowout 35th birthday party I have planned in my head, I will be wearing that white lace pantsuit. Mark my words.

3. Drool on My Screen Protector: A Memoir

I routinely look at Rachel Alice Roddy’s Instagram. She uses some of the most sumptuous language to talk about food, but especially rich, authentic Italian dishes (she is a food columnist for The Guardian living in Roma, after all). This weekend she dropped her recipe for fresh capers, which led me to her recipe for red pepper, potato and tomato soup. Hot take, summer soup is where it’s at.

I’ll also be thinking about this run-on sentence: “While frying for @guardianfeast I fried for us too, polpettine di sarde, sardine balls, which for some reason makes me giggle, 700 g fresh sardine boned and mashed (sardines are plentiful here but could be replaced by any oily fish) great handful of dry breadcrumbs, salted ricotta (just a bit, as much for the salt as the cheese) pine nuts, uvetta di passa nera (currants) rolled into balls Fried in olive oil and eaten while hot hot hot gawd damn.”

4. All Aboard the Hanx Train

My morning sugar rush today was the reminder that Tom Hanks will be playing the practically inimitable Mr. Rogers in the film Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. I am VERY aware that Hanx is having a Hot Dad Summer, and this revelation brings a smol tear to my eye. Tom Hanks is Dad! And now he’s playing my childhood hero/the all-around angelic Fred Rogers? It could not be more sweet, it could not be more right. I’m ready to sob (the same way I did, alone, watching Won’t You Be My Neighbor?)

5. Art! Is! Joyful! You Heard It Here First

I don’t often tap through on an IGTV post unless it really grabs me and I’m in the right mood. The mood really struck me when I found this video from the @tate museum. It’s about the Berlin-based Venezuelan artist Sol Calero’s new installation piece at Tate Liverpool, El Autobús, a giant, wildly colorful bus inspired by her travels in Latin America, a means to connect to her heritage. I love to see museums enriching and enlivening art through the video medium like this on social. It makes me excited about social media as a cultural touchpoint. Optimism! Joy! I mean it. I watched all five minutes. Go eat a peach and let someone on the train before you.

6. The Account That’s More Soothing than Hydrocortisone on Bug Bites

Katie Merchant, owner of visual-spa-treatment Instagram account @thankyou_ok and general creative genius, is someone I check in on regularly. After peeking through her Instagram stories—one of my fave activities—I tapped into her profile where she gave me both a new iced coffee recipe I’m dying to try and sent me into a Google tailspin on Wayne Thiebaud (again) after seeing this tasty treat. And then I checked in on her baby: my favorite cat personality (other than Bug), Jean Darlene.

Hoping that this third week of July 2019 will bear more food, cats, celeb drama (surprisingly lacking this week, though my nose is always turned on to the scent), Britney workout videos, and vanity galore in my algorithm. I wish you and yours a steamy Monday. I’m sending a giant, toasty dump-truck-sized amount of good energy into your browser.

Feature photos by Aleia Murawski @aleia

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