The Chatroom: Rashida Jones

This series is sponsored by NARS

We’re back with round 2 of the Chatroom — a group chat so great that no one gets charged international fees despite one person having an out of network phone. NARS and their new Audacious lipstick hooked it up to help us get this TV dinner delivered straight to your lap, which is great because my own mouth is more or less a big red thesaurus just waiting to say multi-syllable words.

The series kicked a shoe off last week with Jenna Lyons — a woman who embodies what it means to be an icon: style, intelligence, wit. Where wit is concerned this week (and it’s very concerned, as in a furrowed brow/pursed lips-concerned), there is no match like Rashida Jones. She’s so quick you couldn’t catch her with a That’s What She Said joke if you tried. And man oh man did I try.

Watch the below and tell me: have you ever seen a woman deadpan with such flat-mouthed grace? I’m just not sure what makes her look better, though. That purple Angela all up on her lips, or my really, really bad joke. Let’s go with the former.

That’s what we said!

Still no, huh? Fine.

Next up: HAIM, the band. 

This series is sponsored by NARS

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