J.Crew’s Important Wardrobe Life Lessons

You know that feeling you get when you are running errands or shuffling to work and, totally unexpectedly, you bump into a friend?

Like a genuinely good friend who you hate canceling plans with, who you call when you’re bored because you know you can hang up on her the second a good show comes on and who you’d offer up a limb to if push came to shove.

That feeling — that burst of energy and genuine smiles and arms out for a hug regardless of how sweaty you are or how much crap you’re schlepping because you just have to grab this person and pull them into you — that was what it felt like to walk into J.Crew’s Spring 2017 presentation.

J.Crew cast a motley crew of their own friends: employees, recognizable industry faces, family of those who work for the brand. The result was a rainbow of body shapes and ages, of skin tones and hair styles and heights and personalities. Anyone could walk into J.Crew, look around, and either see someone who they absolutely love or someone who looks like them.

Now, ready for this season’s life lessons?

1) You need a white bow tie. You will know when the moment is right to wear it.

2) Khaki is backi, even though it never left.

3) If a blazer feels boring, make it a navy tuxedo jacket.

4) Stripes, stripes, stripes, stripes.

5) Pants could and should confuse the masses. They should be massive enough that they could pass for a skirt.

6) At least one pair of your spring pants should possibly be pink. Light pink.

7) T-shirts + silk skirts = magic.

8) Don’t say you can’t pull it off.

9) Remember that you are not too young, too old, too short, too tall, too wide, too narrow, too big, too small. You’re you.

10) You’re also severely lacking in sequins. Get on it.

Feature and carousel photographs by Catwalking/Getty Images.


Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond is a writer, creative consultant, and Man Repeller alumnus living in New York City.

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