I Still Miss Jenna, But J.Crew is Pretty Good Right Now

I miss Jenna Lyons at J.Crew so much. I miss her in that way that you miss your friend who moved away even though you two never hung out when you lived a block from one another.

Jenna made J.Crew into a store that, whenever I found myself in a mall (some time soon, I would love to talk with you about how much I love malls), it felt weird not pop my head in. J.Crew — every single one — became a store that felt like my local coffee shop or something.

Me, at a random J.Crew location I’ve never been in before: “Hey guys!!! Just in the neighborhood so wanted to say hi. Oh wow, Maxine, do you look great or what? Carol! Love your shoes. Available in my size? Hey, Bob! Sharp shawl-neck.”

Them: “Literally, who are you?”

All of us: *Burst into group laughter then team-high five*

After Jenna left, I took a bit of an accidental J.Crew hiatus. Didn’t mean to, just stopped shopping altogether, really. But now it’s (don’t get mad at me) almost “Back-to-School Season,” and for whatever reason, I recently checked out J.Crew for the first time all summer and was pleasantly surprised. I am happy to report that post-Jenna J.Crew is still good! Like really good.

Into this red-and-white funnel-neck striped shirt as an alternative to my over-worn button-down.

Also into this blue-and-white striped one-shoulder bow top (on sale for $69.50).

I need this fatigue shirt to tuck into high waist white jeans and fulfill my Lauren Hutton dreams.

What kind of horoscope writer would I be without a Taurus horoscope shirt?! (They have all the signs. Leo, Aquarius and Scorpio are my favorite of the bunch.)

I don’t know what to say about this striped turtleneck with buttons down the neck other than I WANT IT.

These camouflage pants are really cool, and an excellent cut.

This mustard-colored bow top is black tie-perfect but also cool how they styled it (with khakis).

Oo, a star covered, no-clue-where-I’d-wear-this-to-but-who-cares jumpsuit!

REALLY FEELING this pajama-y polkadot trench from J.Crew Collection.

Oh, and I’m really excited about their throwback-to-1988 rollneck sweater. So perfect with a pair of loafers.

It feels good to be back for a bit of a homecoming. I still miss Jenna, and I’m keeping my eye on other brands at all times, as always, but you know me: I love to feel cozy. Just me, my sweaters, and my best friends Maxine, Bob and Carol.

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond is a writer, creative consultant, and Man Repeller alumnus living in New York City.

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