Celeb Look of the Week: Jeff Goldblum Outdoes Himself

I haven’t erased the search history on my work computer since arriving at Man Repeller, and I’m pleased to announce that my default URL for accessing Getty Images is the Jeff Goldblum search page.

The “why” is not as important as the “what” here—and the “what” is delicious.

Jeff Goldblum is 66 years old: a fact that knocks me flat and comes up in therapy sessions with regularity. His roles in “The Fly,” “Jurassic Park,” “Earth Girls Are Easy” (woof), and even “Annie Hall” shaped me socio-sexually in ways I’m still unpacking, like I said, but the truly astounding thing I keep coming back to is that he hasn’t lost his zing. Not even a little bit. On the contrary, his appeal — especially in recent years — has only matured like an aging parmigiano reggiano, growing rich in flavor and body, waiting to be grated and sprinkled on my ragu. A veritable sauce man.

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Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for TCM

This fortune is thanks in large part to his extremely good genetics and his stylist, Andrew T. Vottero, who has speedily elevated Goldblum from a beloved celeb of yesteryear to 2019’s Prada-donning #zaddy. (P.S. If you get nothing else from this article, please note that Vottero’s Instagram is a titanium mine of Goldblum BTS.)

I would argue that there is no man on the scene applying such a delicate balance of nuance and risk-taking to menswear as Jeff Goldblum is right now. This outfit from his appearance at the TCM 10th Annual Classic Film Festival is #Case #In #Point. Just look at the apples of his cheeks! I could live out my days there. His ensemble is a combination of pieces so unexpected and absurd (zebra-print brogues, starchy oversized shirt, a Prada floral vest with faux fur collar!!!!), that when paired with his seraphic grooming and lit-from-within glow my wig officially blasts off to outer-space.

Vottero, describing his stylistic choices for the perfect tabula rasa (Goldblum), said in an interview with Garage Magazine, “I’m interested in using [gendered] codes as a framework, a starting point—the traditional suit/shirt/tie, jeans and leather jacket, khakis and penny loafers—and then playing with those codes, using a standard pant but one that’s zebra-striped, or a simple shirt that’s cut out of silk, or a suit out of velvet or a man’s boot but with a good-size heel, that sort of thing.”

Everything about this look tugs at or plays with the strictures of cis-gendered heternormative male style in ways so simultaneously flagrant and subtle, you can do nothing but admire them. Or at least that’s all I can do.

Do you have a favorite Jeff Goldblum look that you keep in your IG saved folder for rainy days and Mondays? Let a woman know.

Feature photo via Instagram

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