8 Very Good Picks From the New Uniqlo x JW Anderson Collab

Guess what landed last week!? Neither a bird nor a plane nor a superhero but, in fact, something arguably better–at least where your fall/winter wardrobe is concerned: JW Anderson’s fourth collaboration with Uniqlo. As you might suspect, there is no shortage of tartan, knits, or wool–the entire collection evokes a crisp-aired countryside in England complete with the scrunched socks and a double-wrapped scarf. Workwear staples including trousers and sweaters and warmth-inducing necessities like puffers and leggings and shirts with thumbholes also abound— and everything clocks in under $150.

Scroll down for a roundup of the 8 most noteworthy pieces from the collection, which my crystal ball is informing me will sell out shortly.

The Perfect Reversible (!) Down Jacket

This reversible down jacket actually solves my main winter style qualm: getting sick of my puffer! It’s basically the 2-in-1 conditioner of warm outerwear, providing multiple options for a single expenditure of 150 bucks. Consider me enamored and also strangely excited to moonlight as a multicolored marshmallow.

A Two-Tone Cardigan That Will Cure Your Decision Fatigue

Tied for first as my favorite item of this collection because it solves for the same style rut-related issue, this cardigan would look incredible buttoned halfway with comfy jeans and ankle boots. You could also belt it and wear it as a dress OR! layer it under a chunky sweater and wear it as a skirt.

A Flannel Button-Down You’ll Wear Weekly

I prefer my flannels oversized, and even though this one is technically a “tunic” (fancy!), I’m inclined to order it two sizes up and *French tuck* it into a pair of trousers. I really, really like the idea of pairing the light blue color with a pair of light blue jeans for a slightly amped-up version of monochrome.

The Piped Leggings You Didn’t Know You Wanted Until Now

These feel so French Alps to me even though I’ve never been to the French Alps and have never skied. But such is the power of a compelling–or shall I say, transporting–garment. Worn with an oversized fishermen’s cardigan during the day and a sharp tuxedo blazer at night (just some ideas), they’re the kind of thing you’ll wear incessantly all winter.

A Fringe Skirt a.k.a. Kilt That Will Become This Season’s Surprise Staple

I’ve found there’s typically one thing in my closet every season that unexpectedly shakes up how I want to get dressed, and I’m thinking this fringed skirt that is heavily reminiscent of a school uniform kilt could be exactly that. It makes me want to dress a little grown-up–maybe fasten the edge with an old brooch and style it with a turtleneck and knee-high boots.

The Plaid Trousers You’ve Fantasized About Since Birth (Probably)

Behold the most perfect pair of Thanksgiving trousers I’ve ever seen (and for $50, might I add). They look plenty sophisticated and put-together but the waist is elastic which means they contain multitudes. They come in both black and plaid (I want both), and would look so cool with a blazer at the office or a hoodie over the weekend.

The Fleece You’ve Always Wanted to Steal From Your Brother–But Better

Another item I don’t own myself but enjoy stealing from the men in my life: a fleece! I love the wine/green color combo on this one. To be honest, I would mostly wear it with pajamas in my freezing apartment but I can also envision pairing it with jeans or slit-ankle leggings when out and about. And maybe ear muffs!? TBD.

The Turtleneck Sweater to End All Turtleneck Sweaters

Holiday card idea (if you run with it, please send me a photo): Everyone in the family gets this sweater (it comes in multiple colors) to wear simultaneously whilst engaging in a human pyramid. Genius, I know.

Isn’t this collection so cozy? So wintry? So festive? What are you buying? Should I keep asking questions? Tell me in the comments.

Feature photos via Uniqlo x JW Anderson.

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