Which Celebs Are Secretly Good at the Art of Instagram Comments?

If you’ve spent even a quarter of the screen time on Instagram that I have, there’s a good chance you’ve stumbled across the viral account @commentsbycelebs. Started by Emma Diamond and Julie Kramer in 2017 (after a seismic algorithm shift that prioritized comments from Instagram celebrities and goliaths rather than simply displaying them chronologically), Comments by Celebs highlights the best of the best celeb commentary on the platform. The account originated with the two of them sniffing out leads by keeping close tabs on celebrity accounts, but today the duo have established such a devoted network of followers (approximately 1.3 million—many of whom are known entities themselves) that they’re often tipped off before they have a chance to say “boo.”

Recent scoops: Rita Wilson saying “Will you marry me?” on this legendary pic of her husband; Oprah claiming that not even she could secure the Popeye’s chicken sandwich; Newly minted IG user Jennifer Aniston telling Matt Leblanc she no longer has to be a hashtag and, even better, telling the creators of Comments by Celebs that they’re lightning quick on the draw.

I asked Diamond and Kramer to share their top five low-key commenters currently on the scene–those who aren’t necessarily known for their commentary, but who add a certain flair to the activity. Being familiar with some of the key players—like the perpetually engaged John Mayer or the queen of clapbacks herself, Rihanna—I was intrigued to have a fresh crop of celebs to keep my eye on (even if Comments by Celebs will likely do it for me).

1. Justin Long


“Justin Long has been commenting amazing things recently. And it’s definitely been recent, because there is no way we would have not noticed for so long. He actually has far fewer followers than one would expect. [Ed note: He has 217k.] I think people really enjoy celebrities who don’t take themselves too seriously and can kind of have fun with it, and he does a good job of that.” —Kramer

Justin Long is indeed new on the scene (it looks like his first Instagram post happened on May 8th). Perhaps Long is no longer just “that guy who dated Drew Barrymore” or “the dude from Zack and Miri Make a Porno.” He could just be…YOUR underdog IG celeb. My eyes, for one, are peeled.

2. Jennifer Garner

“I’ve always gotten really good energy from her, but I have a whole new appreciation for Jennifer Garner. It’s not the easiest thing to convey such a sense of purity and happiness over social media, and she does that. I just think she is such a light, and so consistently. Not only in her videos that she posts in her own feed, but also in the way she interacts with friends and random accounts that people wouldn’t even know she’s commenting on.” —Diamond

Jennifer Garner is indeed as pleasingly put-together as a freshly made bed with hospital corners sitting in a field of snow. An angel. When she’s not being the #1 mom-approved normcore celeb on the scene, she’s interacting with content that is as pure as she is. Jen is too good for us.

3. Zendaya

“We really respect Zendaya and the way she’s so unapologetically herself. It shows through in the comments section as well as in the way she presents herself in other forms of media. We are constantly blown away by her maturity.” —Diamond

I fell in love with Zendaya late in the game after a fervid Euphoria binge. I believe so much in her talent, and watching her grace on red carpets, in interviews, and on social has cemented my feelings. My particular favorite is when she lovingly responds to her mom’s loving comments. I would say she’s one to watch, but odds are you’re already watching her and feel the same way I do.

4. Kate Beckinsale

“Kate Beckinsale… is an underrated class act queen. She’s very smart. You can tell her intelligence shines through in her comments.” —Diamond

I’ve always loved the Kate Beckinsale highlights from Comments by Celebs. Specifically, I find it funny when she calls out various men on their strange proclivity to assess her looks and choices. It’s pure joy.

5. Kacey Musgraves

“Kacey Musgraves has been recently great. [Similar to Beckinsale], she makes good comments, but the best ones really come from people who she replies to on her own photos.” —Kramer

If you know anything about me, you know I worship at the church of Kacey Musgraves like every other 20-something alt boy who reads Pitchfork to curate their music taste (no shade). I do love that she’s at once down-home country and certified psychedelic banana bread. I especially love when she lets her weed-smoking, sailor-mouthed, freak flag fly in the face of her haters.

So there you have it! A handful of favorites worth noting on the off chance you snipe a comment before Diamond and Kramer (but odds are they’ll get there first). Do you have a favorite low-key celeb Instagram presence? A general fave? Meet me in the comments where I’ll divulge my own.

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