All the Street Style You Could Want Courtesy of MR X Klarna’s Summer Soirée

In partnership with Klarna

Even though I am a noted summer hater, even I can’t resist the chic allure of a rooftop party. So when Man Repeller had the opportunity to throw an ab fab summer soirée with Klarna on the SHOWFIELDS rooftop, I got preternaturally excited. We sent out the call to the most fun, most stylish, most party-hardest community members (aka all of u) and boy oh boy did the guests show out.

But the Klarna rooftop party wasn’t your average rooftop party — it was a gathering of “summer style personas.” We asked everyone to come in their outfit that most personified who they were trying to be this summer. For instance, Matt Little’s summer persona is “overly tan cocktail enthusiast sitting at the community pool,” so Crystal built a foam pool on a luscious astroturf lawn that was perfect for selfies. My persona is middle-aged black valley/precocious Instagram toddler, so there was a pink fur-covered table designed specifically for rosé pong. The Bumbys were on hand to “give a fair and honest appraisal” of everyone’s persona, and they were as gentle as they were accurate.

While roaming the party like an old-school society gossip columnist, I cornered a few folks to ask about their personas. They ranged from the reinterpreted icons (like 2000s era rap-superstars and ’90s era dreamgirls updated for today), to living mood boards (think “elevated peasant”), to the purely functional (aka looking good in the heat). It was a true feast for the eyes, with some of the best street style (roof style?) fashion I’ve seen in some time.

One floor below the most happening fake pool in town, the MR X Klarna shop was ready and open for business. Crystal, Eliz and Harling created their own individual capsule collections of their summer personas from Klarna’s collection of merchants (all of whom will let you buy now, pay later). Along with the shoppable collections (more on that SOON), a carnival claw full of Repeller and SHOWFIELDS goodies was propped up in the corner ready to fill folks’ lives with carnival-style fun. The best part of all? It was actually designed to let people win. How novel!

It was a full-on summer dream come true. Everyone was a little sticky, a little sultry and a whole lot of fun. But listen, you’re not here for me, you’re here for the outfits! Take a look and then drop your summer style persona in the comments.

Be sure to stop by the Man Repeller x Klarna pop-up at SHOWFIELDS on 11 Bond Street. It’ll be shoppable all summer!

Photos by Ken Castaneda

Nora Taylor

Nora Taylor

Nora Taylor is the Editor of Clever. She can frequently be found knocking things over in the greater New York City area.

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