Kristen Stewart’s Buzz Cut Completely Changed Her Style

Women who shave their heads for the sake of an aesthetic is not a “new thing,” but over the past few months, Hollywood buzz cuts have been making tabloid headlines again. Kristen Stewart debuted her buzz in March. Zoë Kravitz shaved her head in April, as did Cara Delevingne and Katy Perry. Keke Palmer buzzed her hair in May, and just last week, Kate Hudson joined the club.

It’s Kristen Stewart’s cut that’s of particular interest to me, though, because Stewart has undergone a red carpet style evolution as a result.

Before the buzz cut, Kristen Stewart had masculine edge nailed down: two-piece suits, brogues, motorcycle jackets, etc. After the buzz cut, her clothes took on a strikingly feminine quality: slinky gowns, sequins, bralettes, corsets, pencil skirts, mini dresses. Please see the above slideshow for copious proof. 

This shift made me think about how my hair influences the way I get dressed. My hair is naturally curly, big and dramatic. When I let it run wild, it makes a style statement whether I want it to or not. In an odd way, it’s kind of like an extra accessory, with the power to turn what would otherwise be a boring outfit into something more interesting. Even though my personal aesthetic is inherently a bit zany, I tend to dress less “kooky” when my hair is curly because the curliness supplies enough kook on its own.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Stewart experienced a comparable style adjustment post-buzz cut. Since she already had the aloof/DGAF thing down pat, her shaved head handily underlined the edge that has always set her apart from every other actor on the red carpet. She doesn’t need the assistance of a leather jacket to look cool anymore; instead, she can embrace that which she rarely did before (at least not publicly): form-fitting dresses, pale pink and glitter.

How about you? Does your hair impact the way you get dressed? Would you ever consider a buzz cut?? Or do you have one already? If so, SHOW ME (via photos in the comments below).

Harling Ross

Harling is a writer and was most recently the Brand Director at Man Repeller.

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