10 Things I Learned About Leandra From Her Vogue Closet Tour

While scrolling the news this morning, I found out that Facebook is creating fingerless typingZayn has a new music video, Starbucks employees are having Unicorn Frappuccino-induced meltdowns and Leandra Medine did a closet tour with British Vogue. I really did find it that way, this video of my boss and colleague whose elbow I squeeze on special occasions, nuzzled in my RSS feed with Zayn and unicorn food. It was published three days ago; I was the 71,808th person to find it! It almost slipped by all of us unnoticed. What a little sneak she is.

Just the other night I was telling Leandra that my first exposure to her and Man Repeller was some story she’d written about her closet in 2011. I remember wanting to frolic among her clothes when I read it. Like in my free time. And today was no different. Is that creepy? I know her now and still want to dig through her closet on the low. I hope she doesn’t read this. Anyway, I learned a lot about her in this video — weird, since I sit 10 feet from her. Vogue must sweet-talk her better than I do. Below I’ve outlined these new discoveries for your snoop-inclined perusal.

Discovery #1. She doesn’t shop to find things. Instead, she waits for things to find her. She plays hard-to-get with clothes, which is a bold move I could never pull off.

Discovery #2. There is a printer in her closet. I’m not even going to ask her why because I want it to remain a fun mystery.

Discovery #3. She plans her looks ahead of time, but never ends up wearing them. This one’s particularly funny since I know that planning outfits in her head is one of her favorite pastimes.

Discovery #4. Sometime she wears her red-and-purple raffia skirt by Stella Jean when she’s having a hard day and doesn’t want us to know it or doesn’t even want to know it herself.

Discovery #5. In her ideal world, she’d only own 15 items of clothing. This can’t be true!!! Could it???

Discovery #6. She has fuzzy pink shoes that look like pillows I would nap on.

Discovery #7. When she doesn’t have time to think of an interesting look, she adds a massive flower brooch to whatever she’s wearing. What I do know is she bought that thing on Amazon for $3.

Discovery #8. She prefers matching over clashing. This one knocked me right out.

Discovery #9. She can’t help but prefer uptown to downtown, which is surprising since I happen to know she harbors a real passion for downtown dumpsters.

Discovery #10. Her closet is just a room full of clothing racks. I’ve been to her apartment and didn’t even know this room existed! It’s like Narnia. I feel robbed.

Leandra. Founder of Man Repeller. Woman of mystery. Now I’m going to hurry up and publish this before she finds out I wrote it.

Photo by Krista Lewis.

Haley Nahman

Haley Nahman

Haley Nahman is the Features Director at Man Repeller.

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