PSA: There Are Quite a Few Perfect Leather Jackets on The RealReal Right Now

On a Monday afternoon in late August, an email popped into my inbox from stylist Brie Welch with the subject line, “I realize there’s a heat warning today….” I had just returned from getting lunch outside and could thus confirm her statement by way of the sweat droplets languishing on the periphery of my forehead. It was quite hot. So hot, in fact, that I felt simultaneously delirious and amused when I opened it and read what was inside:

I was trolling TRR on some research, and there is a bevy of great leather jackets just waiting to be scooped up. Are people over leather jackets / blazers??? Where did the 90s Julia Roberts enthusiasts go and leave their leather blazers in the dust….

Felt inclined to share in case the loyal readers of MR might also need to know!

Attached were seven screenshots of leather jackets from The RealReal, all of which were enticing enough to make me forget the back of my neck felt like a steaming macaroni noodle. It was clear to me, even in my humidity-induced daze, that they were scratching an as-yet-unformed itch–a fall style craving I would experience at the first autumnal chill–to look like Julia Roberts in the 90s, decked out in all her neutral leaf-colored, leather-jacketed glory, yes. Exactly.

The seed was planted and I couldn’t let it go, so I waited. I waited until the term “outerwear” didn’t sound like a bizarre and distant phenomenon. I waited until a few arm goosebumps announced themselves on my commute to work. I waited for October, and now it’s here, and we can get on with the leather jacket scooping, because Brie was RIGHT: there are a bevy of really good ones on The RealReal, and it’s finally time to take advantage.

If your fall style icon is Julia Roberts circa 1997…

+ Check out this classic brown leather blazer from Ralph Lauren

+ Or this delicious Jil Sander option that’s practically begging for a #stickofbutter moment

+ Or this caramel iteration with chic padded shoulders from Escada

+ Or this black one (another Ralph Lauren gem) that I have extra affection for because it’s collarless and you know how I feel about collarless coats

If you’re keen to revive the moto jacket…

+ How about this one from Veda that is the perfect cross between burgundy and espresso brown?

+ Or this cutie patootie cerulean option from IRO

+ Or! If you’re feeling wild, an orange-you-glad-I-didn’t-say-humidity jacket from Rebecca Minkoff

+ Not into leather? Try this faux contender from Michael Michael Kors for only $36

If you want to shine bright like a diamond…

+ This patent leather thrill from Tome is chic incarnate

+ But I also fully support the sartorial manifestation of Midas’s touch via this Tory Burch jacket

+ Ooooh or this truly unique light blue metallic alternative from St. John’s

If you’re in the mood for something really unique…

+ It’s unusual as far as leather jacket silhouettes go, but that’s exactly why I’m so obsessed with this one by Gauchère

+ Ditto for this quintuple belted suede situation c/o Gucci

+ And THIS from Mietis is an automatic statement-maker if there ever was one

So, what do you think? Is it leather weather in your heart, too?

Feature photo via Getty Images.

Harling Ross

Harling is a writer and was most recently the Brand Director at Man Repeller.

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