Trust Me, Try It: The Perfect Hint-of-Color Lipstick

one thing kosas lipstick leandra medine cohen man repeller

The Product: Kosasport Lipfuel by Kosas

The Price: $18

The Reason—but first, a disclaimer—I recently invested in Kosas, a relatively new clean beauty brand that specializes in my favorite color beauty category: lip color. Feel free to deposit any comments below and we can totally talk about it to the extent that you are interested, but for now, this:

one thing kosas lipstick leandra medine cohen man repeller

Once you have established beauty rituals to a fixed enough degree that you are no longer curious about what else is out there, a product really has to knock your socks off, blow you away, land on your doorstep as if deposited there specifically for you from the gods of good makeup to rattle your routine. I know what I likeconcealer that is slightly cake-y because my under-eye bags are purple, and sometimes I think they compliment my look pretty well, but other times, I want to hide them; sheer bronzer because I came of age in the early 2000’s and thus can’t shake the sentiment that tan skin is the best skin; eyebrow gel because the chunky patches of flocculent jolly that rest as if horizontal parentheses over my eyelids are one of my favorite things about my face, so I do what I can to accentuate that. The final ingredient is a lip color that could be mistaken for winter chap.

You know the kind of chap—it burns and kind of makes you look like you’re wearing very subtle lip liner. Or like you tried to wipe off red lipstick from the night before, but some residue stuck around. What I don’t mean is the kind of pre-chap that makes your lips look like they’re the same color as the rest of the skin on your face. So, to this point, I’ve had variable grades of success in the past with a gloss by Chanel, Glossier’s generation G stick in the color “Like,” and this one shade by Armani that is called Antique Rose. None are exactly it, but they’ve been good enough to penetrate the routine at various junctures.

Recently, Kosas launched a new line of lip care called Kosasport. It’s available as a colorless moisturizer, or in two shades: “Rush,” which is slightly more pink and “Pulse,” which maintains a bit more brown pigment (I think?)

one thing kosas lipstick leandra medine cohen man repeller

I thought Pulse was my shade until I lost the stick to a battle with my daughter’s drool, and started using Rush which, actually, seems to do exactly what I want it to in the way of winter-chap. Not to mention it is moisturizing as hell and in my view, conveniently shaped somewhat flatly like one of those USB plug-in hard drives. It fits into pockets of all sizes and as such accommodates the trend of carrying a tiny-ass handbag. Dare I go so far as to call it (the tiny handbag thing) a micro-trend.

Bad joke, whatever, let’s move on.

Depending on whether you have thin or thick lips, you can apply it the flat way to emit a more precise smear, or the long way, to cover the sum of your pout in one swipe. The best part is 10/10 that it moonlights as chapstick and even though there’s no SPF, I am irresponsible about lotion application as it is, so there are bigger fish to fry.

All of which is to say that if any of this resonates, trust me, you should try it.

Leandra M. Cohen

Leandra M. Cohen is an intern at, but also the founder of Man Repeller.

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