All the Stuff You Need to Know About London Fashion Week

Are any of us in London at the moment? Unfortunately not. Do we, in spite of that, have opinions as expansive as the Suez Canal on the designers who have sent new collections down their runways? Of course! Behold, a series of remote one-sentence reviews for your intellectual, dissecting pleasure.


J.W. Anderson rips apart wide leg pants on a characteristically narrow runway, dyeing tops and dress hems like they are hair tips and allowing for the single-earring trend to live one but one more season.


If you’re the kind of woman who fancies yourself a slayer in the boardroom but a master of the tea party, Simone Rocha’s collection, chock full of creative suiting and simultaneous wearable gardens rendered on embroidered organza is speaking directly to your wheelhouse.


Meanwhile, Molly Goddard makes a case for the implicitly sheer dress that does anything but show and share it — exposed underwear but concealed identities for all!


If you’re going to a cocktail party and plan to maintain the title of best dressed with the ulterior motive of perhaps dizzying your hostess, Mary Kantrantzou will give you sequins and kaleidoscope prints; if those don’t work, there are stripes and fashion portmanteaus in the form of necklaces that attach to sweaters. Boom.


Who’s up for a picnic hosted by House of Holland on the Williamsburg bridge with a permutation of the cool girl that all cool girls aspire to be? She’s got a mesh tank top that is actually a full length dress with roses embroidered into it for when the sun sets.


Reliable, incredible clothes from Peter Pilotto for a guest en route to a destination wedding where she will moonlight asplanner, guest, talent and bride. Oh! And wearer of shiny denim JNCOs.


If Pilotto dressed us for the women we are, Roksanda is honing in on who we want to be, with extravagant satin robes over the corporate answer to the onesie and “Oh This Old Thing?” slip dresses — with sleeves and without — that seemingly make getting dressed and getting out so easy, it sounds unfair to suggest that showing up really is 80% of it.


Whereas Christopher Kane has answered our question — can Crocs be cool? — with a definitive YES!, I had a feeling we were on to something and maybe my vision is still somewhat clouded, but can you even imagine the sublimely crafted dresses, some seemingly woven entirely in tulle and yarn, and ambitious, ambidextrous pleated lurex pieces paired with anything else at this point? This is what they mean when they say you can’t un-see things.


Finally, at Charlotte Olympia? Viva las frutas! Summer’s not going anywhere.

Feature photograph by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images; carousel photograph by NIKLAS HALLE’N/AFP/Getty Images; All slideshow photographs via Vogue Runway


Leandra M. Cohen

Leandra M. Cohen is the founder of Man Repeller.

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