A Slideshow of London Street Style Done Right

For all of the hemming and hawing we do about social media, let’s not forget that it’s also an incredible connecting device — so much so that when we had an internal conversation about showcasing street style from other cities, Instagram was the obvious place to start. We posted a picture asking for your photos and in turn were tuned into a whole slew of different lenses thanks to the discovery portal that is a #hashtag.

THE INTERESTING portion of this event, of course, is the photographer responsible for this here slideshow. His name is Samir Benson — @misterbenson_ — and what he captured was the stylish pulse of London.

Oh, and it will inspire so many things. Things like:

Wearing jeans deconstructed and turned into a dress (over leggings!)

Wearing deconstructed denim in general

Wearing all black save for the feet and hat (those are in pink)

Layering a shredded sweater over an ankle length skirt

His photos will make you:

Dig out that old peplum top

Find a plain old crewneck sweatshirt, preferably in a shade of pumpkin

Add patches to everything

Wear socks with sandals

And sing. No one’s audibly doing that in these photos, but come on, look at them. You know one of these well-dressed Londoners is at least drumming up a hum…

Click through, enjoy, and shout out some cities you’d like to see next in the comments below.

Photographed by Samir Benson. Follow him on instagram at @MisterBenson_.


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