The Lipstick That Never Ends (& Other Long-Lasting Beauty Products)

When my friend first bestowed Milk’s Lip and Cheek Stick upon me I lived in a different apartment. Had a different job. A slightly different haircut. Hillary Clinton was not not president yet. We were, in Patti Smith terms, just kids. Since then, I’ve applied this same Milk stick during my walk from my apartment to the subway nearly every single day, sometimes reapplying it one or two more times before starting the cycle over again the next morning.

I’ve lost so many things in the time since this magical berry-colored stick came into my life: a wallet, multiple debit cards, a cashmere scarf, at least one pair of sunglasses. But this stick? No. This stick has stuck. And here’s the craziest thing… it’s not even half-finished. I just twisted it up to see how much is left and I think it’s got at least another year in it. I have a really hard time wrapping my head around how this is possible. But I’m not going to question it. Instead, I asked the rest of the Man Repeller team to share their favorite beauty products that last an absurdly long time too. Prepare to love and be loved by them forever.

Alder New York’s Everyday Face Cleanser
How long have you had it? 13 beautiful months
What’s so great about it? Let me preface this recommendation by saying that I have no “top shelf” because I have no medicine cabinet because I have no skin routine (other than makeup remover). When this brown bottle of magic potion was gifted to me last year, it became my routine. You know those days where you just feel like the congestion of the city is caked into every crevice of your face? This stuff undoes that feeling with just a teensy, tiny squirt.

–Starling, Office Coordinator

NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment
How long have you had it? About 8 months
What’s so great about it? This stuff does not budge! I wear a color that’s very similar to my natural lip color so it doesn’t feel overpowering but I can literally go the whole day with it only slightly fading, and when it does fade it leaves a nice even stain. The only thing is it can have a tendency to feel dry, but a few dabs of lip balm throughout the day will help with that. This, plus a matching NARS lip liner, are my go-tos.

–Jasmin, Director of Partnerships

Glossier Cloud Paint
How long have you had it? Over a year — and it’s a tiny little thing!
What’s so great about it? I’ve written about Glossier Cloud Paint on multiple occasions. I don’t wear it every day, but it’s the perfect I-look-like-I-haven’t-slept solution. The fact that you only need the tiiiiiiniest bit means there’s a bit of an art to applying it, but that also means it seemingly never runs out. After a year, mine still feels over half-full!

–Haley, Deputy Editor

Clinique Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup
How long have you had it? I think I’ve had this single one for over a year.
What’s so great about it? One drop of this stuff goes a mile in coverage. You can use it for on-the-spot coverage or as a full-face foundation.

–Elizabeth, Market Strategist

Benefit Cosmetics Brow Zings Kit
How long have you had it? I’ve been using this kit almost-daily since February 2017.
What’s so great about it? I love Benefit products generally, but Brow Zings is my absolute favorite. The wax in the kit helps you set the shape of your brows while the layered powered adds color and a natural texture. The kit comes with a double-ended brush that makes application super-easy. There’s also a mirror inside the lid, which makes this an excellent travel product, too.

–Gyan, Managing Editor

Yves Saint Laurent 10-Color Expert Eye Palette
How long have you had it? Since 2015… I haven’t run out and it hasn’t lost pigment or gotten gross!
What’s so great about it? The colors are tried and true — they’re neutral enough to dress up or down and match anything. The actual palette packaging is small enough to slip into most makeup bags, clutches and small purses (unlike some other eye palettes that are giant and inconvenient to transport).

–Emily, Visual Manager

A313 Vitamin A Pomade
How long have you had it? Two years.
What’s so great about it? I had been desperately searching for something to help with stubborn under-the-skin acne (a.k.a. those really painful ones that just make you want to cry). A friend brought this back for me from Paris after asking a beautiful woman at a pharmacy what she uses. This was her secret and I cannot give it enough credit! It’s a pharmaceutical-grade vitamin A cream sold over-the-counter in France (and luckily on Amazon) that has been a life-changing addition to my beauty routine. And because a little goes a long way, I’ve been using the same tube for over two years now. Try it on stubborn acne, fine lines, pigmentation—it does it all.

–Hillary, Product Manager

Clinique Almost Lipstick in “Black Honey”
How long have you had it? Two years
What’s so great about it? It’s the perfect hint-of-color lip product. I’ve tried so, so many, and none compare. It’s also really moisturizing, doesn’t feel messy, is never sticky, and is the perfect shade of subtle blue-red that makes my lips — and entire face — look more alive.

–Harling, Fashion Editor

Are you also in a long-term relationship with a beauty product? Tell us every last detail in the comments.

Feature image by Edith Young for Man Repeller

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