A Formal Thank You Letter to Tilda Swinton’s Red Carpet Style

Tilda swinton style man repeller

Dear Southern Region of Italy,

Please consider this a formal Thank You letter for having provided the geographic coordinates to make up what is considered Palermo, which houses the ground on which the building stood wherein a room was fitted into a corner (I actually have no idea if it was a corner room, but a girl can dream!) for a pregnant woman to lie on a bed (again, speculation), ready to deliver who would become Luca Guadagnino.

Now, Lucsy Luc — can I call you that? — thank you for studying literature in Palermo. I can only suspect that it led you to Rome, to study Critics of Cinema. Maybe I should also thank Jonathan Demme (apparently you wrote a thesis on him?), but I think that’s a stretch and I have more gratitude to dispense. Thank you,Wikipedia, for dropping so much knowledge on me!

But back to you, Lucsy Luc. Thank you for pursuing a career in film. For managing to earn yourself the title of not just screenwriter or director, but producer, too. Thanks for making films competent enough to stimulate interest among enough spectators to keep going. Thanks for A Bigger Splash. For Call Me By Your Name, for I Am Love. Thank you, especially, for the recently released remake of Suspiria, without which Tilda Swinton would not have an excuse to find herself on a press tour in fuchsia pants and a cropped black jacket fastened by buttons that look like hands.

October 16th was a beautiful day: there was a double breast black pantsuit, the sleeves of the jacket (worn as a blouse) rolled up as if a J. Crew workshirt. And what the fuck with those platforms? They’re marvelous. A miracle!

Tilda swinton style man repeller
(Photo by Peter White/Getty Images)

The beginning of September found her in Venice, presumably with you, Luca, but also frequently seen holding the hand of one Dakota Johnson. Without Suspiria, would she have turned up so many looks? The red dress with a Victorian collar, the spotted gown with matching shoes and gloves (talk about a “total look”), the black beaded tunic, the car! And is it you who inclined her to grace French soil with her coif in more suiting and turtlenecks and long skirts but especially in Haider Ackermann and at Haider Ackermann, where she stood, against the odds, slow clapping in earnest as a true dame does? I can’t be sure, but you will know. I’ll say it again. Thank you.

Feature photos by Dominique Charriau/WireImage and Steve Granitz/WireImage via Getty Images. 

Leandra M. Cohen

Leandra M. Cohen is the founder of Man Repeller.

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