What’s Love Like Right Now?

"Love Right Now" Week Announcement

It’s weird to be a person in the world right now, and weirder still to be a person with other people. A pandemic and a social revolution causing you to change, or at least crystallizing some ideas that you may not yet have been able to articulate, is “to be expected.” Someone said that to me recently and I think the level of tightness in my chest went from a 9 to 7. (Scale of 1-10.) It was a relief to be plainly reminded that it’s okay to change—yourself, your needs, your plans. In this particular moment, you could even say it’s imperative. Weird if it all stays the same, in fact.

The change would be much more manageable if we were single entities careening freely, wanting and needing nothing from anyone else. But of course we are completely interdependent and so every little change is felt in some way by someone else, the most, in many cases, by the people we love. Dating, which has always been weird and precarious, is weirder and more precarious. Same story for being in a relationship, really. Both things have also become increasingly lovely and intimate and surprising and charged, too. They are a lot of what they always were, but more so, and with video chat.

This week we’re going to publish stories and ask questions about love right now. How, in this very moment, is love different? How has it proven to be exactly the same? How are we getting and giving it in ways that would have seemed unimaginable before?

First, we want to start by asking about what it’s been like for you, in detail. You can answer our Love Right Now survey here. Then, later this week, we’ll share the results (anonymously) on the site and hopefully come away with a better understanding of what—in the realm of dating and relationships right now—is weird and what’s “to be expected” for all of us.

In the event that your thoughts on the matter aren’t fitting neatly into a Google survey this morning, feel free to spill/elaborate/free associate in the comments below. What’s it been like for you?

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Mallory Rice

Mallory Rice is a writer who sometimes has bangs and sometimes does not. She was previously the executive editor of this fine website.

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