Why is Madewell So Good Right Now?

I can’t stop doing two things: listening to Ashlee Simpson’s 2004 album, aptly titled Autobiography, and clicking on Madewell to begin planning my warm-weather wardrobe. Yes, at the same time.

You could argue that both have always been good. Ashlee Simpson, who is DIANA ROSS’S DAUGHTER-IN-LAW (????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and the SISTER-IN-LAW OF TRACEE ELLIS ROSS (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????) (sorry Ryan Cabrera!), was a capable pop star with catchy songs who got a bad rap after an SNL lip-syncing debacle and eventually retreated from the spotlight. But I still play “Pieces of Me” or “Shadow” when I need to feel simultaneously upbeat AND melodramatic.

Madewell, meanwhile, has long been a store I’ve casually popped my head into — usually in the summer and almost always when I’m looking for new white jeans. But right now, Madewell is extra good. They re-lured me in with the promise of soft underpinnings and, as you know, I’m on an eternal quest to update my ‘drawers drawer.

Look at this marigold bra! And this pretty peach one.

Over in clothing land, they have a trench on sale for under $100.

This apron cross-back tank top is one to buy in every color, then wear all summer.

Suddenly, I don’t think I’ll be able to get through spring without this long denim skirt.

Here they are: this year’s white jeans — cropped, flared and torn at the knee.

Also here: a denim jacket to buy that will not make you look like everyone else who’s wearing one.

Where wouldn’t I wear this pink coverall suit, is the question.

I also really like their summer stuff (see slideshow above), which I am sitting on my hands and waiting patiently for.

Not to mention, they have under-$200 leather backpacks (I’ve been using my backpack a LOT lately, but it’s so “athleisure” that it looks funny with regular clothes), IG-friendly Adidas workout gear and, randomly but helpfully, these crystalline travel bags that I want to buy five of and pre-stock now so I feel efficient when it’s time to pack.


It all makes me excited that it’s spring, stoked for summer and want to uh…well, Ashlee Simpson, why don’t you finish my sentence for me to the tune of a song?

Photos via Madewell. 

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond is a writer, creative consultant, and Man Repeller alumnus living in New York City.

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