10 *Other* Things You Can Do While Listening to This Makeout Playlist

Makeout Playlist Alternatives

On February 28th, 2020, we ran a story entitled, “Help Me Compile the Greatest Makeout Playlist of All Time,” and bok choy, did you deliver! However, due to circumstances beyond our control, this playlist has been rendered almost entirely useless. In the spirit of our “Love Right Now” series, we decided to press “make public” on Spotify and unleash this epic, crowd-sourced playlist into the wild, alongside a list of things to do while listening to it as an alternative to the highly communicable act of making out.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for an instruction manual on how to navigate contemporary romance in these times, Nicholas Braun’s new hit single, ‘Antibodies (Do You Have The),’ parses out the nitty-gritty of dating etiquette in a pandemic.


Write a fan letter to your favorite writer or artist—nothing more than telling them what you love about their work, asking for nothing in return other than perhaps a dose of good karma!


Do your future self a favor and buy a boatload of stamps via the USPS while you’re at it. Nothing feels as convenient as sliding open a desk drawer and seeing a fresh sleeve of stamps. Save yourself future trips to the post office, whether you’re in bill-paying mode or sending midsummer valentines.


Try out Warbly, the karaoke guessing game, and invite a fellow crooner into your virtual room.


Commence that deep clean of your beauty cabinet you’ve been putting off for months, organizing the contents into three categories: to keep, to toss, and to donate. Any fresh hand creams, hand sanitizer, body lotions, lip balms, face moisturizers, acne products, shampoos, conditioners, hair ties, hand soaps, oral care products, and facial cleansers can go to essential workers via Donate Beauty. Chet Baker over Bluetooth will make it easier.


Maybe you’ve caught the organizing bug after that clean sweep: Place an order for a (free!) kit from ThredUp and start weeding through your wardrobe. You can choose to sell your secondhand clothing on the site, or donate the value to one of their charities: Feeding America, Girls Inc., and Help a Mother Out. Any items that don’t meet ThredUp’s standards will be recycled. For a break, try to recreate your favorite Michael Jordan look or Elvis outfit to a T with what you have in your closet.


Attempt the wiggliest dance of all time, in secret. Treat it like an invention that’s so proprietary, it can’t even be shared on TikTok.


Watch a silent film.


Play a game of chess (or seven!) against the computer (it comes pre-installed on Macs). Or, tackle the Sunday crossword over FaceTime with a friend.


Cozy up with your jar of loose buttons and sew those babies back on!


Wallpaper your room by neatly tearing out your favorite pages of an old Guinness Book of World Records tome and affixing them to your wall.

This playlist is 13 hours and 45 minutes long—let us know how you spend that time!

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