In partnership with adidas Originals

Man Repeller Hosted a Black-Tie Sneaker Party With Adidas Originals

In partnership with adidas Originals

The nature of working at Man Repeller is such that when you suggest the idea of throwing a black-tie sneaker soiree in partnership with none other than adidas Originals, you will be taken extremely seriously. So seriously, in fact, that three months later your might find yourself standing in a nightclub on a Wednesday evening with a gown on your person and adidas Originals Falcons on your feet, tearing up the dance floor (quite comfortably, I might add) with 100 similarly-clad party-goers.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me set the scene: The event was hosted at VYNL in the East Village. Upon entering, guests were greeted with a glass of champagne and a seat on a throne (literally — there were five thrones set up side by side on the first floor of the club). When seated, they were approached by an elite team of adidas Originals tracksuit-wearing assistants carrying a surprise sneaker style (Falcon, Arkyn or Sambarose) on a silver platter (again — literally). After slipping them on like IRL Cinderellas, they went off to join the festivities.

The night was all about bringing together a community of female creators and creatives. One of Man Repeller’s favorite freelance illustrators, Amber Vittoria, was on deck to create custom portraits of all the attendees. SISTASPIN, an inclusive, Brooklyn-based DJ collective, was heading up the sound booth. Singer/songwriter Sonic performed live, her voice so lovely and unexpected amid the exuberant chatter, a hush suddenly fell across the room. Man Repeller’s community members were out in full force, dressed to the nines on a weekday just for the fun of it.

Back to the sneakers for a second, though: Each of the three styles on the menu is designed for a different kind of woman. For the unapologetically loud (with your voice, with your style, with your existence upon this planet), the Falcon is replete with a chunky silhouette and sorbet-colored accents. If you balk at the notion of being labeled and embrace the unexpected (from pivotal life changes to paint splatter), the Arkyn is a playful spin on a vintage running shape. If you are what you wear and you wear what you are (by which I mean, extremely enthused about expressing your interior mindset with your exterior aesthetic choices), the Sambarose it is. Then again, I happen to know you contain multitudes, so feel free to dabble in all of the above.

When I left at 10:30 p.m., the party was still going strong. As I walked home from the East Village to my apartment in Chinatown, blister-free and happy-as-can-be, I thought about how cool it is when a far-out idea becomes a tangible thing you can hold in your memory bank, swimming with all kinds of women doing all kinds of creative things and going all kinds of places, dressed in the right kind of footwear to take them there.

Photos by Ken Castaneda.

Harling Ross

Harling is a writer and was most recently the Brand Director at Man Repeller.

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