We Hosted a Round Table LIVE! With The MR Community

In partnership with Zola.

When 24 women descended upon 43 Crosby Street this past Wednesday evening with the express intent to discuss love, all its complication and that which exists between them, there was really no telling what would happen. Just kidding, it was all documented via Facebook live and the recording is now immortalized approximately 1.5 scrolls past this word: BOOP! But if you’ll just give me a minute, I’ll explain how the hell any of this came to happen.

It was around a month ago that we held our first Man Repeller community event with some of our most engaged New York-based readers. It was a housewarming party, as you’ll recall, and the house and all involved hearts were so warmed it obviously couldn’t be the last. So this week we held our second event and invited a whole new group of interesting and interested women to join us with a slightly more pointed purpose: to conduct our inaugural Round Table Live discussion. The topic was LOVE and, in anticipation, we all had to do a little homework:

1. Read an Atlantic article entitled “Masters of Love” which explores the key to successful, long-lasting relationships. Spoiler: science says kindness and generosity.

2. Listen to an episode of Dear Sugar Radio entitled “Looking for the One, Part 1: Anxiety,” which unpacks the hunt we’re all socialized to obsess over yet also kind of hate.

3. Make plans to show up at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, head screwed on tight or loose (owner’s choice), to an insanely beautiful apartment space-slash-showroom in Soho that Zola, the online wedding registry, was gracious enough to lend us. (Thank you, Zola!) (When can we move in please?)

It should be noted Leandra forced cold cans of Babe Rosé upon arrival into the hands of any willing attendees in her vicinity, because obviously we couldn’t be thirsty. And after we all met and exchanged the opposite of shallow pleasantries — have you ever said “nice to meet you” and then launched into an embarrassing story in under 60 seconds? — we found our way to a couch I would sleep on as my bed in a room I would call my forever home to get into the real shit: Love. Or misery. That kind of thing.

What followed was a conversations so open, enlightening and supportive, anyone who was there or tuned in was at risk of choking on the palpable warm and fuzzies. But that’s not to say the discussion was fluffy, skidding across the surface of the tough stuff. We unpacked and untucked some of our most vulnerable parts for the sake of sharing and learning and it felt really special, this mutual desire to connect with each other.

I won’t speak for the community members who came (HI GUYS! LOVE YOU.), but I can confirm the team left lighter on our feet, humbled by the charisma and intellect of the amazing, independent women who read and engage with us every day at Man Repeller.  So thank you, if we don’t say it enough, or even if we do, for coming here. Reading us. Writing us. Being yourself with us. It’s more than we can put into words (even if we try).

Warm soft evidence of the evening is above via slideshow and below via video. FOMO not, this won’t be our last event!

Special thanks to Zola for hosting the event. Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis


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