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“Who’s my Instagram crush?”

I made the mistake of posing this question aloud to myself in front of my girlfriend the other day.

“I’m sure you have SO many!” she laughed.

“Do not!” I adamantly replied. But when I started scrolling my feed, I realized that she may be right: There’s the woman I started following after a friend showed me her account with the disclaimer “she has the exact look I ask Black Jesus for every day.” Turns out she also has the exact look I ask Black Jesus for every day. Do I know what she does to get said look? Nope. But her photoshoots are fantastic and, honestly, I’m here for all the mystery.

There’s Venus X — pulling off those ridiculous Balenciaga platform crocs, keeping it all the way real with the culture vultures, LOOKING LIKE SHE DOES (swoon).

There’s also the woman who runs @notallgeminis (The jokes! The cosmos! Reading all the signs to filth!) and the woman who runs @officialseanpenn (come on, “Super Soul Sunday’d in my pants”) and Cleo from @blkpalate (diasporic dining experiences?!) and *official* Mizz Twerksum and… Turns out my girlfriend was right because I could go on — but instead I’ll turn the gushing over to my colleagues. Below, 10 accounts that team MR cannot stop scrolling, in honor of Crush Month. You’ll get at least one new fave account out of this, guaranteed.

Ansley Morgan

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“I somehow found Ansley on Instagram this past summer — likely through my discover feed. Completely taken by her sense of style, I proceeded to include her in this roundup on Man Repeller of my favorite size-inclusive style accounts to follow. Then I cast her in our upstate utility style shoot, suggested she do a 5 ways 5 days, and then recommended her for this recent story on winter going-out looks. Can you tell I’m a little obsessed? Ansley is one of the kindest people I’ve ever met and we’ve only known each other a few short months! She and I often text about things we’d like to buy but probably shouldn’t (but end up buying anyway) and complain/vent to each other about the fashion industry’s lack of size inclusion. She inspires me to dress the way I want to, despite the size obstacles that I regularly battle. Her take on styling is refreshing and new — I can’t get enough of it! If you’re ever in need of style inspo or super cute dog content, give her a follow! Hi Ansley <3″ –Emily



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“Everything she posts is like gold. Not to get weird, but I’m actually obsessed with her account (and her). There are some people who seem to be effortlessly flawless: Hair always perfectly colored and shiny. Nails stay on point. LEWKS FOR DAYS. That’s exactly what wuzg00d gives us: effortless execution. I first came across her on my Instagram Discover page and continue to be inspired by the way she does street style. It’s femme and sexy even when she’s sporting an oversized hoodie and sweats, which in my (and Drake’s) opinion is the ultimate ‘fit. She’s really knowledgable about sneakers, has a ridiculous collection, and she’s also low-key a beauty influencer! She’ll dot a few rhinestones around her lower lash line and pair it with a color-saturated flick on the crease. Like what?!?! There’s no way I’m spending an hour contouring and baking my face every morning, but what I will do is grab a bedazzle and pop it on my lid for an extra sparkle. I could truly go on, but in essence wuzg00d is clean AF and I aspire to drip swagoo like her someday. She is also a co-host of the talk show ‘Colorways and Toeboxes,’ which genuinely makes me want to become a real sneakerhead and not a fake one like I am now.”-Simedar



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“Mine is Demi Adejuyigbe, a writer from The Good Place (and other stuff!). I don’t know him at all — this is a 100% pure internet crush. He’s adorable and very funny and I watch the story highlight ‘dumb songs‘ whenever I need a boost because they are brillianttttttttttt. Demi, if you’re reading this: I’m sorry if this is weird but also please keep making songs.” –Nora

Rachel Roddy


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“I fell into following Rachel Roddy, a Rome transplant via the UK, through a food Instagram ‘tap hole.’ The thing that I find so captivating about her is the tenderness with which she writes about food. Scandalously, I don’t particularly love Italian food, but I find myself engrossed over and over by the tender captions re: ‘newly born spaghetti that smelt like a newborn baby’s head’ or fennel salad with ‘early oranges that are still a bit green: so sharp and acidic with a bit of shudder (hi grandpa).’ The photos are often blurry, frantic, or not particularly special, but coupled with her intoxicating turn-of-phrase, I can smell the salt cod crema through my phone. (Am I gross?) Her articles (she’s a food columnist for The Guardian) have the same gratifying verbiage. My idea of nirvana would be the pleasure of joining her for an authentic Italian meal.” –Amalie



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“Lillian a.k.a. FlexMami is easily one of my favorite follows. Beyond her style being amazing and her account being a visual delight, her captions are consistently hilarious and unabashedly her. In a space where so many people are imitating each other and hoping to fit nicely into their desired IG niche, Flex is totally unique. Her voice is so clearly hers. She’s somehow both self-deprecating and obsessed with herself at the same time, and has zero shame about it. She also only posts about herself and her pursuit of her own goals, which I find satisfying and refreshing (rather than annoying, because she’s not). Flex feels like the embodiment of what it means to lean way the fuck into who you already are, and we all get to reap the benefits.” –Haley

Great Jones


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“I rarely cook — and when I do cook, my main utensil is a microwave — but the Instagram account of cookware company Great Jones has single-handedly convinced me I should be the type of person who makes coq au vin on the regular. Great Jones’ products are all deliciously saturated in various appealing hues and look like the kind of thing real adults who maintain a sense of whimsy would have on their stoves, which might have something to do with my googly-eyed crush on the brand’s Instagram. However, I would attribute it in larger part to the account’s aesthetic and voice, which is the definition of both surprising and delightful. From Liz Lemon quotes to packaging gifs, it defies all expectations for what a cookware company’s social media presence should look and sound like and instead utilizes every opportunity to deliver a laugh, a dose of eye candy and the urge to press ‘bookmark.’” –Harling



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“I smashed ‘turn on post notifications’ after coming across Brian’s profile so quickly my thumbs cramped up. Since then I have become a sponge absorbing gallons of outfit inspiration from Brian. Instead of sparking a desire in me to spend money on specific brands like Insta accounts often do, Brian’s posts give me fresh styling ideas for the secondhand clothing pieces I already own. (Or inspire me to make a jumpsuit or paint a jacket.) On the Venn diagram of unique outfits and timeless outfits, Brian sits square in the center.” –Starling

Katie Couric


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“Katie is a living legend in journalism and her Instagram is just so respectable. Updates on the Mueller investigation? Trust you, Katie. Baby turtles yawning? Really needed that today, Katie. Mind massage by way of piano serenade? Didn’t know you could do that, Katie, but not surprised because you are just wonderful and there’s no one quite like you <3.” –Patty



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“Campherehere is actually a glamping site in upstate NY, but their Instagram is totally off in all the right ways. Every post of theirs feels like it comes from inside the weirdest corners of my head! Their posts are sometimes dark-humored, at times inappropriate, and always laced with nostalgic pop culture moments. I can’t get enough.” –Dasha

Will Smith


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“I love his feed because he is a real human. Although he’s super famous, he’s relatable in a way that it feels like you’re watching your best friend or older brother do funny shit. He’s also a part of the very small group of men I look up to because of his emotional vulnerability and bravery to share it with the world. I enjoy that he loves and respects his wife, Jada (who also has a great account). There aren’t many famous Black/brown relationships that are so publicly healthy and loving. I don’t think his content is any different really… but that fact that he got on IG so much later than most is amazing considering that he has nearly three million followers.” –Celia

Do tell: Whose feed are you crushing on?

Feature photo of @flex.mami by Edith Young for Man Repeller

Emma Bracy

Emma is the Associate Editor at Man Repeller.

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