Man Repeller Had a Housewarming Party

Man Repeller HQ has moved five times since its inception.

The first move was the greatest leap in distance: Leandra and her laptop relocated from her child-self’s bedroom in her parents’ apartment on the Upper East Side down to Abie’s place, which is not to be confused with Astor Place but it is confusing: she and he resided in a neighborhood that could be Soho, could be Greenwich Village and has a lot of NYU students buying bagels within it.

The second move was from there to Bowery and into a literal closet. A nice closet with light, but a closet nonetheless — with a desk and this time, three chairs.

MOVE NUMBER THREE was pivotal. We found ourselves in an office on Broadway. Also the size of a closet, but listen, it was an office. And that is really something.

Move number four was the shortest distance. We went down exactly one floor in the same building to a larger space with so many windows and pillars for posing.

And finally, move number five: to our spot on Mott that feels like home.

To celebrate the move and the fact that we are growing and because it’s summer and we’ve had a curious helping of tequila on hand, we invited fifteen of our most active New York-based readers and friends over to HANG THE HECK OUT.


Do you see everyone hanging?

You might notice a few familiar faces in these photos from the comments section — and if you don’t recognize them from the comments, you may remember them for their Writers Club (turned contributing contributor) submissions. It was great because we freaked everyone out by knowing far more than their last names when they walked in.

It was like that meme where it’s like…

*On a date*

Don’t let on to the fact that you googled him. Don’t let on to the fact that you googled him.

Him: “So my aunt said–”

Me: “Which one, Carol or Janet?”

We did as we said we would and hung the heck out. We had a Yankee Swap where everyone brought a gift and got a gift, and it was chock-full of serendipitous moments (like we were at non-morbid seance or something — power of the sisterhood!). We ate (thank you Inday for the salad!) and we drank (thank you Juice Press, Archer Roose Wine and office tequila stash!). Then everyone left with a little pocket plant thanks to The Popup Florist.

It was so much fun. And we want you at the next one! Which is why we’re working on building our community events. You’ll meet the newest member of our team, Jasmin, next week (she just did her Day in the Life on our Snapchat, so you may feel like you know her already), but she’s the one who helps work on these partayyyyyzs.

As for now, you know where to find us. Right? IN THE COMMENTS. Because at Man Repeller you are literally always invited.

(Especially if you bring cookies! Which, by the way, Andrea Raymer did.)


Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis and Emily Zirimis.


Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond is a writer, creative consultant, and Man Repeller alumnus living in New York City.

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