Man Repeller Is Starting a Bowling League!!!!!

Bowl with Man Repeller

I have some very exciting news for anyone in the New York City area who’s been waiting for an opportunity to try out her new self-assigned nickname in a mildly athletic capacity and also, everyone else who has not:

Man Repeller

is starting


COMMUNITY BOWLING LEAGUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <- Click here to sign up if you don’t need to read anything beyond that last exclamation point

Made up of Man Repeller community members, the league (I mean, how cool does that sound? Like you’re part of a secret spy club or something: “Oh sorry, I can’t come to your goldfish’s underwater bubble poetry reading after all; my league is convening that evening…”) will meet Monday evenings in August and early September. It will be super social and non-competitive (i.e. you definitely don’t have to be a professional bowler to sign up), and whether you join solo or with a few friends, you’ll be teamed up with new humans who, at the very least, have this sentence you’re currently reading in common — but I have a sneaking suspicion you’ll find more ways to make lasting friends far beyond my excited prose.

Something tells me the customized bowling shirts might help?

Oh yes, nacho cheese baby: Customized. Bowling. Shirts.

Now, we have a limited number of spots, and registration will only be open for two weeks, so don’t wait to sign up! Additional info below:

Sign up here. (You’ll find logistical information in that link.)

– We’ve partnered with Better Off Bowling and Lucky Strike to provide this ultimate bowling-skills-optional bowling experience.

– You absolutely do not need to know how to bowl.

– You also absolutely do not need to know anyone to sign up! If you’ve been looking to make a new friend or two, there’s no better way than to bond over the satisfying crash of pins going down (or the stoic silence of them staying up, in my eternal case) and, as I said earlier, those shirts that I can’t stop thinking about.

– Post-bowl, we’ll have mimosas, margaritas, trivia, games and fun prizes.

– The league (the league) will meet Monday evenings on Aug 6th, Aug 13th, Aug 20th, Aug 27th, Sept 10th and September 17th. (Tickets grant you entry into six weeks of bowling. As this is a league, if you miss a week, there will be no make-up weeks.)

– Location: Lucky Strike Manhattan (624-660 W. 42nd Street, New York, NY 10036)

– The cost is $150 per person, which covers six weeks of bowling meet-ups (for an hour and a half each time), vintage-style customized bowling shirts, a new gift every week and other fun surprises along the way.

Sign up here, and start stretching your wrists — this one’s sure to be a knockout!

(That was a bowling joke. Can’t wait to think up more together.)

Photos by Madeline Montoya; Art Direction by Emily Zirimis.

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