Welcome to Man Repeller’s Brand-Spanking-New Site

Hey! If you’re new here, it’s cool that you chose today to visit; we quietly relaunched our site this morning, so you are enjoying a new user experience. Pls do stick around; we have tacos and scrunchies for everyone.

In the event that you are here deliberately as both a frequenter of this site and lover of leopard-print tan lines, you have probably noticed that it looks very different. (The site, not the tan lines.) We’ve spent the past few months working on this redesign alongside the brilliant weirdos at Hard Candy Shell. Maybe you are delighted by some of the changes. For instance, the carousel is gone, and three stories greet you at the top of the page instead.

There is color everywhere. Does it hurt your eyes? We have a grid now instead of an endless scroll of stories. Did you notice the frame around the post pages? How about the little illustrated icons? Too much? Too little? No such thing? There is a new lookbook that allows you to navigate the website by photo, not words, if you prefer seeing to reading. If you’re a reader, though, thank God because we have so many words.

But look, change is hard. I have been so anxious about today that I think I ruined the lining in four different jackets over the last two weeks because the smell of stress sweat never comes out of nylon or silk and that’s a fact. When familiar things start to look different, it’s weird and sticky and very annoying. Banking on what you know is so much easier and more comforting than diving into the cleavage of what you don’t. The first time I realized this was when I got married. I was so sad to leave my parents and their home behind. It took a minute, quite frankly, to adjust. But after I did, I was like, what the fuck was I so scared of? This is awesome. So maybe you feel like an alien now in a place that used to be like home. That could very well enchant you, or maybe you don’t like it at all. It’s okay if you don’t, I understand. Change takes time and it never gets easier, but I assure you that through hell or high-waist pants, Man Repeller is still Man Repeller.

So whatever brought you here before is going to keep bringing you here and with this new layout, the hope is that you’ll stay around longer. Discover stuff you didn’t even know we had. Make new friends. Talk shit about me. Whatever! Because in setting out to redesign our site, the goal was pretty singular: to make it more fun and dynamic and interactive to hang out here. We’ll keep serving up stories and friendships that run a judgment-free gamut from the very personal to the intellectual to the unapologetically shallow. All you have to do in return is you.

(And give us feedback!)

Welcome to the new old Man Repeller.

Leandra M. Cohen

Leandra M. Cohen is the founder of Man Repeller.

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