FOR YOUR EYES ONLY: What We Wore to Prom

Prom is trending on Twitter, which is a treat and a half. Looking through all the photos and videos is a genuine blast. (Gen Z babes: If there is a lowkey prom hashtag I don’t know about, please educate.) It also confirmed a few things for me. Like my long-held belief that today’s teens are, on the whole, cooler than yesterday’s teens. At least somewhat. The makeup is mostly flawless (there isn’t a misguided blue lid in the house), the dresses average far trendier — more Kim K than pageant — and everyone’s hair seems to be softly waved, loose and incapable of breaking a 10-foot fall by way of hairspray. Dangerous!

The heightened sophistication notwithstanding, today’s prom offerings revealed that the unspoken rules of high school’s most sacred social event truly traverse decades. The awkward, massive group photos taken in backyards. The clunky corsages and boutonnieres. The piled-on makeup. The dresses rendered in fabrics with an unprecedented sheen. I mean this tenderly and with so much compassion, because such a lewk is a rite of passage. You almost can’t move past it until you give it the old prom try, you know? I wouldn’t have it any other way. Prom is nothing if not the perfect primer for decade-later laughs. That might even be the best reason to go.

It got all of us in the Man Repeller office talking about our prom dresses and hairdos. It seemed only fair that, after trolling the 2017 prom tag ourselves, we should have to share our prom moments, too. Above is the resulting slideshow — dots have been shopped onto faces that aren’t our own to protect the innocent! Scroll through above to peep our fashion-forward looks and then, if you dare, share yours!

Images via Team MR. 

Haley Nahman

Haley Nahman

Haley Nahman is the Features Director at Man Repeller.

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