Man Repeller Launched a Text Hotline! Wanna Chat?

Whenever my phone buzzes with the tell-tale vibration of an incoming text message, I experience what can only be described as a Pavlovian response–a mixture of thrill, curiosity, and urgency–to pick it up and read what it says immediately. This reaction has quadrupled in intensity since quarantine began, a communication line turned life line, carrying with it the opportunity to connect intimately with people whose thoughts I want to devour.

Such is the raison d’être behind MR Thoughtline, Man Repeller’s text-based service that has been lighting up phone screens three times daily since social-distancing protocols became the new normal. We started sending messages a week after our office closed, with the intention of providing comfort, inspiration, or simply a space to chat during this unprecedented time of radical isolation. Interested?

Here’s what you’re signing up for…

  • Either three texts or one select text per day, depending on what you choose when you sign up.
  • A morning “upshot” message written by Edith that features good news and ways to give back.
  • Afternoon digital recesses that include easy recipes, WFH outfit challenges, or emotionally resonant “shower thoughts”—basically anything that we think will help you end the day on a high note.
  • A daily designated “Office Hour” from 2-3pm EST. This is a live textual free-for-all, during which editors tee up a conversation topic (yesterday’s was “What’s the best thing you’ve read recently?”) and our guest texters offer expertise that will level-up your stay-home experience (Recently, Bon Appetit‘s social media manager gave cooking tips, Tidy Tova shared organizational hacks, and our horoscopes expert doled out her highly coveted celestial insights.)
  • And, because you know we like to spice things up regularly, you can count on any number of special thing to appear spontaneously 😉

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Okay, here’s my final pitch: Think of Thoughtline as the best parts of texting with someone who make you want to respond in ALL CAPS (the thrill of the vibration, the subtle revelations, the juicy bits of unexpected wisdom, the occasional jolt of inspiration, the tenderness of being checked in on, like someone thought of something special just for you) all rolled into a free subscription that sends messages your way with soothing consistency.

Questions? Comments? You’ve come to the right place. Scroll below for some answers to FAQ, and feel free to drop any other queries into the comment section below, along with miscellaneous thoughts, feedback, hopes, and dreams.


How do I subscribe?

So glad you asked–click or tap here!

Is it free?

Is cake delicious? (TL;DR: absolutely).

How many times a day will I receive texts?

Texts are sent out three times a day, but you can opt to receive just one of them a day when you sign up if that’s more your speed.

Can I text back?

Please do! We will get back to you as soon as possible, but if you want a more immediate response you can reach out during our Office Hour every weekday from 2pm to 3pm EST.

How do I unsubscribe?

Text us “FROOT LOOP” and we’ll take care of it.

Is it available internationally?

Not yet, but we are working on it. Sign up for the waitlist here.


Graphics by Lorenza Centi.

Harling Ross

Harling is a writer and was most recently the Brand Director at Man Repeller.

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