How Does Leandra Dress Leandra? (And 14 More MRTV Videos to Watch Now)

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TGIF! Or as I like to say these days, IF! (It’s Friday.) Have you exhausted all the offerings on streaming platforms Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Criterion Channel, Platypus, Showtime Anytime, HBOGO? (I made one up, if you didn’t notice.) Then do I have a weekend plan idea for you: Watch every episode of MRTV. I’ve made them all available to “stream” in one tidy place below (and we’ll update this story periodically as more episodes are released).

Here are a few reasons why I love MRTV, in no particular order: the way Amalie MacGowan says “extravaganza” like she’s a secondary character in a Christopher Guest movie, how endearingly deadpan Tiffany is while making dal (though my main takeaway was that I desire her pants by Juliet Johnstone), and how Harling’s banana bread recipe quickly turned into a surefire Harry Potter spinoff called Harling Ross and the Cursed Egg. (In an exclusive interview, Harling admits to me, in the midst of filming this video, she also had to “emergency FaceTime [her] sister because [she] couldn’t figure out how to dislodge the beaters from the Mixmaster.”)

And there is nothing more true-to-form than Leandra narrating her own thought processes, as she does in Pumped Up for Pumpkin. Some juicy intel just came my way: It turns out Leandra blended her engagement ring with the pumpkin pudding, but she reports that it made it out in one piece. Is engagement pumpkin pudding the new engagement chicken??

I asked Amalie MacGowan’s phone, from which all of Man Repeller’s social media content is deployed, how it felt after being put in her oven, and the phone declined to comment for this story.

Pour yourself a tall glass of chocolate milk, throw your remote control out the window, and tune into MRTV:

1.Leandra Dresses Leandra






And that supercut I thought I told you about

A sixth installment, served over FaceTime

2.Too Many Cooks?

Dal for Non-Dal Experts with Tiffany

Sunny Salmon in Soho

Banana Bread on its Head with Harlin Gross Harling Ross

What Will She Cook? With Lulanda Medine

Pumped Up For Pumpkin by enideM ardnaeL

Amalie MacGowan’s Cookie Baking Extravaganza

And Ardnael is Back, With “Eggplantzarella Sticks”

3. Pure, Unadulterated Entertainment

🎶 Weekend Plans With Amalie 🎶

This commercial we made for MR’s Thoughtline

(All these days later, I’m still finding paper airplanes underfoot in my bedroom.)

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