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I spent yesterday looking around my apartment, taking note of all the things I’ve planned to do to improve it since I moved in that I have yet to do. (This is not a new exercise.) That’s the phase of quarantine I’m in right now: I took a nearly-two-month vacation from future planning, lived more “presently” than I have ever managed before, and now I’m reacquainting myself with the life I was leading at the end of February and the aspirations I had for it. (Whether I actually intended to follow through on any of those aspirations is a separate question.)

This feels like a natural shift in my mental state, but I worry it’s happening too early. New York is not ready. And now, for the first time in a couple months, I’m feeling a sustained impatience. I don’t plan to change my day-to-day, because, frankly, my interest in the greater good is a lot stronger than my desire to get moving, but I am looking for new ways to spend this time that will not just distract but help me progress in a manner that makes sense right now.

So, I’m turning to our Stay-Home Guide, which has stories to suit this frame of mind—but also plenty more for whatever mood you might find yourself in. The existence of this guide happens to be the entire point of this post, so here it is as a big-ass link:


If you’re still here (what are you still doing here?! The link’s right there!) I’m going to share a few random thoughts I’ve recently had and their corresponding “Stay-Home Guide” stories, to prove how useful it is and how much it might improve a weekend you’d likely not expected to spend mostly indoors.

The thought: “Karaoke is going to be one of the last things to come back, isn’t it? (What if we put those little shower cap things over the mics??) I miss my friends who are bad singers and good singers in equal measure.”

The story: I Suck at Socializing, a Plea to Change

The thought: “I wonder what my housemates find most annoying about me 😅”

The story: Notice Anything New About Your Cohabitator(s) Lately?

The thought: “It is impossible to make my apartment feel clean when the closet door does not shut completely.”

The story: 5 Ways to Actually Solve Your Shoe Storage Situation, According to the Experts

The thought: “Should I get into making stained glass or something this summer???”

The story: The Trials and Tribulations of Learning a New Hobby in Quarantine

The thought: “I do not want to Get Dressed but I do need to get dressed. I currently only like my Nike tennis shorts.”

The story: 12 Ways to Wear Athletic Shorts, According to Everybody From Leandra to Cat Cohen

The thought: “I need to cook something that involves less cooking and more eating.”

The story: 6 Foodies Share the Best Cooking “Cheats,” From Pancake Mixes to Pre-Made Sauces

And now, a final offer: If you’re thinking something right now that doesn’t seem to have a matching story in our Stay-Home Guide, leave it in the comments and we’ll dutifully find something for you. Okay, here’s the link once more, now italicized for dramatic effect!



Graphic by Lorenza Centi. Emoji via &Walsh.

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