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Bits of Happy to Get You Through the Last Stretch of Winter

In partnership with Marc Jacobs/Saks.

The end of winter is a brutal tease. Relief’s just within reach. There are a few days of sun and warmth. Then, boom: back to freezing rain and puffy-coat weather. There’s nothing you can do besides suffer…unless!

Unless you make a list of all of the little bits of happy you can inject immediately into your life. I’m going to start here. Just a little brainstorm, if you will, and if you’d be so obliged, let’s keep the list running in the comments. Everything’s more fun together.

1. All clutches, purses and murses should be F-U-N, like the Spongebob and Plankton song. We shot this Marc Jacobs style below because there is an actual smiley face on it (plus a reminder to charge your human battery with love?), so come on get happy.


Marc Jacobs Julie Verhoeven Denim Courier Bag

2. Put a few pieces of candy in said bag so that you exist on a consistent sugar spike. NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO SNACK ON HEALTHY, FIBROUS ALMONDS. Screw fiber at the tail end of winter! What even is protein? You need sour watermelon candies coated in sugar and chocolate-covered peanut butter. Maybe at the same time, mixed into popcorn.

3. Speaking of, go to the movies. I know they are dumb and expensive, but March is the last month you can sit indoors for over two hours and not feel guilty about it. Go early for the previews, channel your teen self, linger past the closing credits and catch a double feature.

4. High five a cab-hailing stranger.

5. Buy a really cheap lipgloss or lip balm from the drugstore — a brand or scent that was peak “cool” in eighth grade.

6. Make others smile (it’s contagious, apparently). An easy way to do this if your jokes stink or you hate talking is to find a wallet with underwear on it. If that doesn’t make you smile first, then maybe you need to try wearing briefs instead of thongs.


Marc Jacobs Julie Verhoeven Denim Flat Pouch

7. Invest in the adult version of something, be it a hairbrush, coat or coffee table.

8. Make up fake words and use them all the time. Shlerple. Dloops. Moofan (instead of muffin). Incorporate them into your daily vernacular, especially while doing things like ordering coffee.


10. Take one more month to cozy up at home. Buy a book, grab a blanket, borrow your neighbor’s cat, do a face mask. Open up your laptop and shop for spring. Practice your margarita skills; refresh your memory on how to make an Aperol Spritz; switch all wool stuff to cotton and honestly, take your pants off. Why not, right? At this point, it might as well be swimsuit season.

Photos by Tory Rust; follow her on Instagram @toryrust.

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