(Another) List of Things I Miss, Don’t Miss, Won’t Miss, and Won’t Forget

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About a month ago, Mallory published a list: “Things I Miss, Don’t Miss, Won’t Miss, and Won’t Forget.” Today, Leandra shares hers from the vantage point of May.

What I Miss

The thrill of nailing an outfit

And the first several steps you take outside while wearing it on a sunny day

Smelling like I haven’t been home in hours

Picking up my head to ask a question across my desk and getting a live response

The gorgeously paradoxical quiet of an early morning in Soho and the preparational buzz you can feel vibrating off the sidewalk as it gears up for opening hour

Chattering strangers

Chance encounters

Asking Abie how his day was and genuinely not knowing the answer

What I Didn’t Think I’d Miss

Squiggly chairs

The sound of honking cars

Feeling real distance between me and my bed and longing to get in at the end of the day

Brunch lines snaking around the block where I live

Running home to change, then going right back out

I guess I mean: being in a rush

Occasionally wanting to wear makeup

What I Don’t Miss

The smell of residual beer on and around the trashcans of Bowery Street early on a Sunday morning

Waiting 16 minutes for the Q train

Not “having time” for people who matter (Love you, mom)

Sitting at an office, or really anywhere, when I don’t have to be there, just because it’s the middle of the day

Getting caught on the hamster wheel because it’s easier to speed up than to slow down

Taking things—like buying a cup of coffee or my walk to work—for granted

Feeling like an absent parent

What I Won’t Miss


Depending on my phone for human connection

Cooking three meals day

Live newsfeeds of coronavirus updates

My bathtub as a makeshift office

Waking up with a lump in my chest, almost every morning

Feeling irresponsible every time the constant, nagging reminder of our collective mortality lifts from my mind

The frequency with which I wonder if I’m depressed

The 30-minute process of sanitizing after a visit to the grocery store

Not knowing

What I Won’t Forget

That even though I won’t miss not knowing, we never really know

The grocers who enabled my visits

How much I rely on the restaurants of my neighborhood to make me feel at home

That sharing a bedroom-as-office with my husband wasn’t that bad

Precisely what stay-at-home moms “do all day

How much having a sense of humor helps

That New York needs me as much as I need it

Your turn.

Graphics by Lorenza Centi.

Leandra M. Cohen

Leandra M. Cohen is the founder of Man Repeller.

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