Get to Know Team MR: Meet Simedar Jackson, Our New Partnerships Strategist

Today, when I asked Team MR to send me what they’re currently obsessing over for the MR Picks email, Simedar said, “not sure how to link fake ponytails from the beauty supply store but thats my pick cause I’m obsessed.” Clearly she is a gem of the rarest kind. She’s hilarious, stylish, charming AND our new Partnerships Strategist. How did we get so lucky??

You’re the Partnerships Strategist! What does that mean and what do you do?

Basically, the partnerships team works with brands to produce some really meaningful content whether it be an editorial on a weeklong watermelon diet or a black-tie sneaker gala! My job, specifically, is a lot of timeline management, team brainstorming and liaising with our brand partners.

Where were you before this/doing what?

I was doing creative content at IMG Models!

What did you go to school for?

I went to school for journalism and wound up veering from that pretty quickly. Although I still love to write and still consider myself a freelance journalist.

How did you get started at Man Repeller?

That’s a hard question to answer. I guess I got started when I bought Seeking Love. Finding Overalls (haha). But real talk, I actually got started because a friend of mine knew I loved Man Repeller, stumbled upon the online opening and sent it over to me. I had previously met Amelia (because I cold-emailed her!) and wrote a beauty story, but I initially thought my background would only be good for traditional writing opportunities. I applied anyway because it was just a “Duh!” moment for me. Definitely paid off because here I am!

Favorite part of your job?

Has to be events. Producing events is really exciting because you get to build this whole story that is tangible and takes everything we’re doing digitally into an experiential space.

Least favorite part of your job?

I’ll be honest, I haven’t been here long enough to have a least favorite part quite yet. So check back in, like, six months and we’ll talk.

What’s one thing that surprised you in your path up until now?

I have two things. One is that everything I thought was going to happen didn’t – in a good way. College freshman Simedar had no idea what was coming. The second is that my experiences keep linking together seamlessly. In the short time I’ve been in New York I’ve done a ton of random things from creative directing photoshoots to cut-and-dry PR. I thought I was just stumbling through life and felt a lot of anxiety about not “knowing my path,” but now I have a new respect for all of those disparate experiences because I pull from them daily for my current job.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

What’s one piece of advice you can offer to someone who wants a job like yours?

My advice is to network! Meeting people is the most effective way to learn about openings and be considered for them. And more importantly, learning directly from the people you admire will help you become a better candidate. The worst thing that can come from you cold-emailing someone you revere professionally is that they don’t answer. So — it’s worth it.

What’s one piece of advice you have for someone who has no clue what they want to do?

CHILL OUT! There is so much pressure on people to know everything and be super successful and famous RIGHT NOW. Social media gives us access to all these young people living ridiculous (read: curated and highly embellished) lives. The truth is that most people don’t know what they’re doing and even people who think they do get back to a confused state at some point in life. If you don’t know what you want yet, try some things out. Do some research on non-traditional jobs they don’t tell you about in school. Take it as an opportunity to pursue your best life.

Tell me something weird about you!! (please)

The WEIRDEST thing about me probably is that I can push my innie belly button out and make it an outie. Lol ew.

Photos by Edith Young. 

Nora Taylor

Nora Taylor

Nora Taylor is the Editor of Clever. She can frequently be found knocking things over in the greater New York City area.

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